Part 1: What is Chromecast and how does Chromecast works?

Google helps simplify our online life—from email and online storage to news and digital maps. But it can also take over your TV with Chromecast. The Google Chromecast is a cheap, simple way to watch video content right to your TV. By following this article, you will find the Chromecast alternatives that you can choose according to your needs.

But what is Chromecast? Chromecast is a streaming media adapter from Google allowing users to play online content, for instance, to play videos and music on digital television. Then how does it work? You are supposed to plug it into your TV and grants easy access to multiple streaming services, from Netflix and YouTube to Hulu and Google Play and other services. What is more, you can throw content from your Chrome browser to the big screen. You can also use it to stream almost any kind of content from the Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

The Chromecast owed its early success mostly owing to its simplicity and low price. However, the rather limited capabilities have led some users to turn to Chromecast alternatives for additional features and more complete experience. One of the biggest reasons that some users wish for an alternative streaming system is Chromecast doesn’t have its own operating system or graphic interface. Other than that, the Chromecast has limited compatibility with streaming apps. Thus, without further ado, let’s look into some of the best well-known Chromecast alternatives.

Part 2: 5 Best Chromecast Alternatives

1. Apple TV

Aside from smartphones and laptops, Apple also makes some best streaming devices. If the price is no restriction for you, you can check out the new Apple TV 4K which promises to bring 4K Dolby-HDR content to your TV. While not the most affordable, it offers excellent quality in terms of both hardware and software. With Apple TV, you can play iOS games on the system through the AirPlay feature, as well as control it with Siri. Another good thing about Apple TV 4K is that it comes with built-in 32/64 GB of storage so you can easily download and store movies inside the Apple TV 4K itself. Since Apple is handling all the content and making direct deals with all the major studios, you get to buy Blu-ray movies at cheaper prices than on any other store. 


2. Amazon Fire TV

As one of the most popular streaming devices out there, the Amazon Fire TV has constantly been among the best-selling systems. There are three core forms, Fire TV Stick (available since 2014), Fire TV (available since 2014), and Fire TV Cube (available since 2018). Fire TV device can stream content from a host of other streaming apps, including Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, and many more.  Amazon Fire TV Cube is the latest Alexa powered streaming device from Amazon and it is one hell of a product. What makes the Fire TV Cube awesome is that it learns with you. It remembers your commands and slowly start recognizing commands and does things faster and better. If you want a one-stop solution for all your TV needs, this is probably the one to get.


3. Samsung AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast is a Samsung service that allows you wirelessly stream videos and photos from SPECIFIC Samsung mobile devices to a TV. Samsung AllShare Cast comes in the form of a box, similar to Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. It can connect to the TV either wirelessly or via an HDMI cable. Besides, the Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle is the accessory that is able to be connected to the HDMI port of your HDTV to enable the streaming of content from your Samsung Galaxy handsets and tablets.


4. Roku Streaming Stick

As we all know, Roku is one of the giants on the streaming scene and their products cannot be missed on the lists of best-selling streaming devices. It is well known that the Roku Streaming Stick allows the user to stream 1,200 channels, while its upgraded sibling (Streaming Stick+) also boasts the ability to play 4K HDR video. Though it is more expensive than the Chromecast, the Roku Streaming Stick offers exceptional versatility, support for most popular streaming services, easy-to-use graphic interface, and much more. Another benefit of using the Roku Streaming Stick+ is it’s remote, for it comes with a remote which can control both the power and volume controls of your TV. In all, Roku Streaming Stick+ is a powerful and functional streaming stick and it’s definitely miles better than the Chromecast.


5. iPazzPort Cast

In fact, when it comes to Chromecast alternatives, iPazzPort Cast is worth to be mentioned. Why? For it is a dongle or a streaming media adapter allowing users to cast or mirror their phone screen activities to their TV. All they need is to simply plug it into their TV. iPazzPort Cast supports iOS, Android and Windows platform and it is compatible with Wi-Fi display technology, DLNA, Airplay, and Miracast Protocol. In addition, it supports all the major streaming services and tons of free content to consume.


Part 3: How to Stream DVD from PC/Mac to TV via Chromecast?

Chromecast allows casting local files with the Google Cast browser extension but DVDs are directly not supported. How to stream DVD to Chromecast? In order to cast DVDs to Chromecast, you need to first convert your DVD files to Chromecast compatible formats like MP4, WebM and others. Before talking about the streaming process, knowing in detail about the device is important.

Before you start to play Chromecast DVD from the laptop, make sure to arrange for the following essentials for preventing any hassles:

  1. A Google Chromecast device.
  2. DVD that you want to stream to TV.
  3. TV where you want to cast your DVD.
  4. PC/Mac with installed video converter software for converting your DVDs to Chromecast supported formats.

To do that, we need a DVD ripper. Here, Leawo DVD Ripper for Window and Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac are highly recommended to convert DVD in high quality. This intuitive and easy program has the ability to convert DVD disc to common media files including MP4 and WebM, which are definitely supported by Chromecast.

As a professional DVD ripper, Leawo DVD Ripper allows user to rip and convert DVD to video, to extract audio content from source DVD and save in various audio formats. As for DVD input, the program accepts DVD disc, multi-angle DVD disc, DVD folder, and DVD ISO image file. Not only common video formats like MP4, MKV, H.265 MP4, H.264 MKV, etc., but also HD/4K Video profiles like HD MP4, HD MKV, HD MOV, 4K MP4, 4K MKV, etc. can be set as output format. Moreover, with advanced disc decrypting technology, Leawo DVD Ripper can easily remove DVD disc protection and region code restriction before converting DVDs to video files and extracting audio files from them.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Prof. Media (DVD Ripper is a module of Prof. Media) on your PC. Next, click “Convert” button on the sub-menu.


Step 2. You need to add DVD files to the main interface for which insert the desired DVD into your system and select click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” to load DVD from the Convert tab. After the files are added, convert them to format that is compatible playing on Chromecast. From the drop-down named “MP4 Video” by default next to “Add Photo” button.


Step 3. Click the box to pop up a small panel, where you need to click “Change”  to enter the “Profile” panel. Then you can select MP4/WebM and the related resolution from the Video tab as the output format.


Step 4. If you need, you can also change the video and audio parameters of selected profile like Video Codec, Bit Rate, Resolution, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, Audio Codec, Channel, Sample Rate, etc. By doing this, you can click the same drop-down box and then click “Edit” option.


Step 5. After setting parameters, you could click “Save to Custom” option  to add customized profile to “Custom” group. Finally, hit the “Convert” button  at the bottom of sidebar to start conversion process. During the conversion process, you could click “Cancel” button to call off the process.


Then it is time to stream converted DVD files to Chromecast.

  1. On your computer, you need to open Google Chrome.
  2. Next, at the top right, just click the three dots and click "Cast".
  3. Later, at the top of the menu, next to "Cast to", you are supposed to click the down arrow.
  4. Hit "Cast file" under "Stream a video or audio file". Select the converted DVD file.
  5. Cast-file-10
  6. Choose your TV that connected with your Chromecast. Now you have stream DVD from PC to TV via Chromecast successfully.
  7. Stream DVD to Chromecast is really simple with Leawo DVD Ripper or DVD Copy. Whether ripping DVD on a computer with  Leawo DVD Ripper  or copying DVD on a computer with Leawo DVD Copy, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming. They are worthy of a try if you would like to appreciate the beautiful DVD content on your high definition TV.