When you are jumping on the train to the Blu-ray world, there are a lot of things you can dig out. For the basic, you may have interests in the 50GB Blu-ray disc. As we all know, Blu-ray discs are designed for containing data. What special is about the 50GB Blu-ray disc in the market at present? Well, if you require massive storage for your digital possessions, Blu-ray discs blank 50GB is able to do better than a cloud server. Even cheap 50GB Blu-ray discs will bring users a tangible way to backup personal data or some media content.

Part 1: Top 3 Blu-ray Disc Brands

Top 1. Verbatim

Whenever you are looking for optical discs, a vast number of physical discs are produced by this famous brand, Verbatim. Being known as the top 1 optical brand, it is aiming to offer the best media container solutions for all consumers. You can find Verbatim 50GB Blu-ray disc is with the highest quality. In the meantime, the compatibility stands out among other brands. Whereas the capacity of 50GB is available, this brand also created a third storage layer Blu-ray, which is 100GB capacity. The unique feature is the Hard Coat technology that provides perfect protection against fingerprints, dust, scratches. You won’t believe it that it also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Top 2. Sony

Not like Verbatim, Sony has a wider impact on digital products from almost every aspect you can imagine. You may have heard of this brand probably since you were little, or you possibly are holding one or more their productions right now. Amazingly, it also opens a window for people who need 50GB Blu-ray discs. With a long history of developing digital technologies, quality and reliability are ensured by this big company. But currently, only 50GB and 25GB capacity Blu-ray Disc are available by this brand. Sony offers some technique supports as well. It features a fast data converting rate that can be up to 72 Mbps. You can also trust it with its outstanding temperature durability.


Top 3. Fujifilm

You could know Fujifilm from their camera products, and it is an innovative company indeed. Forget about the fact that it specializes in photography, the company also wants to pay attention to diverse imaging technology. So they have introduced recording media solutions like Blu-ray discs blank 50GB to the Blu-ray disc market for quite a while. Likewise, there are various single-layer Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs in many sizes shipping online. All of Fujifilm optical discs are able to last for long archival life. Also, you can get the cheapest Blu-ray discs from this brand.


Part 2: 5 Best and Cheapest Blu-ray Discs

Best 1. Verbatim Blu-ray Disc 50 Spindle – 50GB 4X BD-R DL

This Verbatim 50GB Blu-ray disc is one of the best sellers in these several years. You can use it to burn different ISO files in a row with even outdated or cheap Blu-ray drives. While it works fine with ISO image files, there is no problem with the burning process at a 4X write speed. Although there is burning software supporting even higher speeds like 6x or 8x, the good quality will make the writing procedure work out surprisingly. That means you can get higher successful chances to save data in these cheap 50GB Blu-ray discs.


Best 2. Verbatim BD-R 25GB 16X Blu-ray Recordable Media Disc – 50 Pack Spindle

As the second-best Blu-ray discs from Verbatim, it has one hundred years of archival life if you believe or not. This optical Blu-ray disc is non-rewritable and certified by OEM drive. Like all the other Verbatim 50GB Blu-ray discs, it is also treated with the hard coat feature to reduce dust build-up. Don’t be worried about the single-layer capacity, which is actually totally adequate to store photos and videos. The best part is the writing speed can be up to 16X. In other words, you can save plenty of time for backup.


Best 3. Verbatim 98913 M-Disc BDXL 50GB 4X with Branded Surface

Let’s have a look at another dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray disc as more people may need it for huge data transfer and storage. This one provides the option to choose capacities from 25GB, 50GB, to 100GB, according to users’ requirements. When you burn Blu-ray movies to this disc, the content will be engraved with the ultimate archival solution. The super hard coat is also represented and keeps it impervious to any environmental exposure.


Best 4. Smartbuy 50GB 6x Blu-ray BD-R DL

Smartbuy has the star product with AAA grade quality, which is this dual-layer blank white inkjet printable recordable media disc spindle. This could be the 50GB Blu-ray discs cheapest deal you can find. 1080p HD Blu-ray movies can be burnt at 6X higher speed. If you have Blu-ray writers from Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, and some others, then it would run compatibly with those machines. However, when you need the best quality over 1080p HD, then it will cost a little bit megabyte. Besides that, you still have a great deal with multiple disc quantity options.


Best 5. Sony 10BNR25RNS 6x 25GB Recordable Blu-Ray Disc

Our last pick lands on Sony single-layer Blu-ray disc of 25GB capacity. Sony always keeps the quality of images at the prior place to produce Blu-ray discs. Even though it is the single-layer one, it has enough space for 1080p full HD video recording. That is to say, one Blu-ray disc is able to hold more than 5 standard DVDs. You will like the well-designed AccuCORE technology; it brings the best viewing experience after the writing process. What’s more, some reviews show that it performances beyond high definition. Apart from cheap 50GB Blu-ray discs, this Sony disc can be a fit choice for general entertainment as well.


Part 3: How to Copy Blu-ray Movies to BD-50

The common usage for getting the 50GB Blu-ray discs cheapest price is to copy some popular Blu-ray movies from Blu-ray movie download sites for home recreation. Let Leawo Blu-ray Copy help you to easily complete this task at a faster speed.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Copy on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the program and load source Blu-ray movies to the interface.

Click on the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" option, which is located right above the file panel. Then choose any button to import Blu-ray movie content. You can also drag Blu-ray video files directly over the top of the interface.


Step 3: Set the Blu-ray disc type as the 50GB Blu-ray disc.

If you have added the Blu-ray files completely, there will be a preview window with multiple setting panels around. At the bottom of the home interface, the option of “BD-50” is the disc type switcher. Change to the BD-50 type to backup 50GB Blu-ray discs.


Step 4: Insert the 50GB Blu-ray disc cheapest and pull out the “Copy” sidebar to set the directory.

Above the upper right corner of the preview area, press the “Copy” icon to call out the destination settings. Check the third option and select the Blu-ray discs blank 50GB.


Step 5: Tab the white “Copy” image to start the process.

After a while, you can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on cheap 50GB Blu-ray discs.


Part 4: How to Play BD-50 on PC

There is one more thing you would like to notice about the best Blu-ray image delivery. Most of the player programs are not capable of decoding BD-50 on PC. That means a beefy Blu-ray player should be ready for the playback. Follow the tutorial to make the best of 50GB Blu-ray discs using Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Player online for free.Pick up the Windows or Mac version for your working system and the installation can be done in a second.

Step 2: Insert your 50GB Blu-ray disc copied with movies into the Blu-ray drive.

Step 3: IOpen Leawo Blu-ray Player and you can see the disc name popping up on the main interface. This software has the ability to detect media discs automatically. Click on the disc icon and it will start playing the Blu-ray movie content immediately.


Step 4: For the first Blu-ray playback, all the subtitle settings are adjustable. Right-click on the interface to choose the “Subtitles…” to reach the panel where you are allowed to enable or disable subtitles, set subtitle offset, and browse for subtitles.


Step 5: Blu-ray video settings are provided. From the right-click menu, go to the “Videos” option and enter the video setting interface. Here users are encouraged to manipulate all the parameters from professional aspects.


Step 6: Audio adjustments are accessible. If you want to change the volume of your copied Blu-ray movies on 50GB Blu-ray discs, there is a way to do it. Get to the “Audio” section when you right-click the working area, you are free to value some certain audio settings.


Part 5: Conclusion

Overall, the Verbatim 50GB Blu-ray discs are super impressive as the brand takes over 3 places on the rank. They truly help us with cheap 50GB Blu-ray discs for long-term use. Meanwhile, how to take advantage of 50GB Blu-ray discs cheapest can count on Leawo Blu-ray Copy and Leawo Blu-ray Player. Leawo Blu-ray Copy software will assist users to be more effective while copying movies to 50GB Blu-ray discs. It also can backup a 3D Blu-ray disc. In the end, watching with Leawo Blu-ray Player is the safest way to retain the 1:1 video quality.