Instagram has shaped our lifestyle in many ways, which features a simple, fun and creative way to capture, edit and share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family. Photo and video express more than words in this age! The app allows users to upload photos and videos to the service, which can be edited with various filters, and organized with tags and location information. As you can find out if you already are an Instagramer, Instagram filters play an important part for your post, which can significantly enhance the photo or video performance and thus increase likes from your followers.

In this post, we will select top 10 most popular Instagram filters and show readers how to create their own filters with simple steps. In the end, we will spare some efforts to give some valuable instructions on how to recover deleted photos with the best photo recovery tool.


Part 1: 10 most popular Instagram filters

Well, it is interesting to learn that posts being processed with filters gain more likes and comments than pure photos. Researches show that Instagram filters can enhance the overall performance of the photo and thus make people feel more comfortable and intrigued. Among all filters, we have selected the 10 most popular Instagram filters here.

1. X-Pro II
This Instagram filter works surprisingly good for highlighting the photo, which darkens the shadow and makes colors appear more vibrant. It is used mainly when you want to contrast with some brightness in the mid section. This filter will definitely make your photo stand out.

X-Pro II

2. Clarendon
As some researches indicate, Clarendon is one of the most popular Instagram filters in the United States. This filter amplifies not only saturation but also contrast for brighter and adorable effect. Hence, the photo being filtered will turn out to be more comfortable to enjoy. It won’t make the photo look unnatural indeed.


3. Gingham
If you are a nostalgic person, put your finer on Gingham. It won’t let you down. It decreases the saturation and highlights to give your image a vintage look. And overall your photo will appear to look nostalgic but with vintage.


4. Lark
Using Lark will create a layer on your photo making the background and subject more appealing. It works efficiently in increasing the brightness of an image. This is especially effective for sky.

5. Juno
If you wish your photo look warm and sharp, choose Juno. This filter will let the warm colors to pop-up and appear vivid. It is eye-catching and intriguing.


6. Kelvin
You would love it if you capture a subject and want to make it stand out in the whole picture. Kelvin filter makes the subject more attractive and stand out. Believe it or not, Kelvin makes the photo look more soothing than the original one.


7. Skyline
If you love taking photos for food. Skyline is exactly right for you. Researches found that Skyline filter goes best with Food Pictures.

8. Mayfair
Instagrammers are not alien to this filter as it has been applied since the very early stage of this app. People just love it that it is acknowledged as one of the most versatile Instagram filters.

9. Sierra
This Instagram filter will increase the dreamy mood for your photo. Applying Sierra filter to your photos will give low contrast, high exposure, and a slightly dodged center. It looks like daydreaming.


10. Rise
The Rise filter adds a golden glow, which paints any picture in a softer, more forgiving light. When you use it, your photo will show slight exposure, warm temperature, and yellow tint.


Part 2: How to create your own Instagram filters

Well if you are more of tech people, you may want to take a challenge to create your own Instagram filter. In addition, some companies use Instagram as a tool to communicate with their users, creating a unique Instagram filter is valuable. There are many apps that can help make Instagram filters, such as Photoshop, Shift, Spark AR and so on.

Besides the complicated process for creating your own Instagram filters, you can also consider making it easier by following below steps.

Step 1: Choose any Instagram filter on your phone on the picture you want.

Step 2: Screenshot that picture, then click on the back arrow. Choose the newly screenshotted picture and put a filter on this picture. You can repeat this step as many times as you want to get the best filter.

choose photo

Step 3: Upload and share the photo in Instagram.

P.S. People may know that Instagram has recently introduced the filter editing and creation function within the program. By clicking the filter creating button, users can freely edit and save the filter on their own. Certainly, the filter they create will apply next time when they want to add filters to the photo before posting it.

Part 3: How to recover permanently deleted photos

All too often, when we are obsessed in adding filters or modifying the photo, we will forget to save the original one and thus chances are we will accidentally get the original photo lost during the process. Well, no worries! We have the best ever recovery tool to help recover any deleted or lost photo, video, messages, etc. within clicks. This tool is Leawo iOS Data Recovery. This professional yet intuitive app provides support for recovering up to 14 types of data.

Here is a brief tutorial to recover lost photos from your iPhone with the help of Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Step 1: Download and install the compact app to your computer
Click the button below to download and install the app following the installation wizard.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 2: Choose the mode to recover
Launch the app and choose the mode to recover. Here we choose to recover from iOS device.

Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable
Connect the iPhone to the PC and click the type of the device in the app.

choose iPhone model

Step 4: Scan the data in the device
Click Start to kick off the scanning process, which may take some time depending on how much data is stored on the iPhone.

Step 5: Choose the data to recover
Check the box in front of the data files and click Recover to proceed. Since we are going to recover the accidentally deleted files, we may tap Only display the deleted items in the left pane and choose the deleted photos to recover on the right window. This will enable us to locate lost or deleted files easily.

choose file to recover

Step 6: Set a directory to save the recovered files and kick off recovery process
When you click Recover and a window will pop up to ask you to set a directory to save the file after recovery. Choose a folder and hit the button Go to kick off the recovery process. You are able to find the lost or deleted photos when this process completes.


This article has shed some light on the most popular Instagram filters and further it talks about how to create your own unique Instagram filters with easy steps. We know many Instragram posts have received more and better feedback partially thanks to the enhancements of filters, which may significantly improve the color brightness, contrast, vintage point, etc so that the photo turn out to look more soothing and comfortable. You cannot neglect the importance of Instagram filters and truly these extra modifications have made a real difference to Instagram posts and help users express their points in better ways. In addition, creating your own Instagram filters is so much fun that you are getting one step closer to your dream to be a professional photographer.

By the way, in the last of the article, we introduce a perfect iOS recovery tool - Leawo iOS Data Recovery to you which can recover any deleted or lost data from your iOS devices professionally and losslessly. No body can guarantee that they can keep all their files in tact forever. It is bad to get your data lost but it is inevitable. Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance of backing up your data from time to time, for example, iCloud backup or Leawo iOS Data Recovery backup, or else. If your accidentally lost the data in your iOS device, always come to Leawo iOS Data Recovery and it surely will help!

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