“We wish you Merry Christmas, we wish you Merry Christmas, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” This Christmas lyric and Christmas melody kind of become the representative of Christmas. Hereby, I would like to recommend 10 Christmas songs for your Christmas 2014.

1.All I Want For Christmas Is You

Okay. Everyone loves Christmas and Mariah Carey. This is a Christmas song brought by Mariah Carey. This best-selling female performer of 1990s still remains her popularity in 2010s. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is one of her most famous songs. If you like Mariah Carey, you can try to find her album named “Merry Christmas II You”.
2.Have Yourself a Little Merry Christmas

Sam Smith is a recently popular singer. This song is released 5 days ago but hits the second place on iTunes’ Christmas list. Also, other songs by Sam Smith, like “La La La”, “Stay With Me” are hitting YouTube Lists. Be he a gay or not, his song will definitely make you happy and gay.
3.Santa Tells Me

No matter you like Ariana Grande or not, this song is really a beautiful song. You can sense the Christmas spirit in this song indeed. Share it will your friends on Christmas would be nice.
4.Little Drummer Boy

As a classic Christmas song, “Little Drummer Boy” has been song by so many singers over years. Pentatonix recorded this song in their new album this year in May. It will bring a new feeling about this song.
5.Christmas Canon

It is a song sounds like heaven. Absolutely amazing! This song will bring you the Christmas glory of God. You can choose a version you like the most on your Christmas Eve. Make your Christmas Christmas.
6.Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

The light melody will remind you of the feeling of 1980s, but it still so Christmas. Brenda Lee’s voice is amazing. It would be a good song for your ring tone around Christmas season.
7.Last Christmas

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…” This familiar melody has been around for so many Christmas year. This year won’t be an exception. It will be the best Christmas love song for 2014 still.
8.Santa Clause is Coming to Town

This is another Christmas song in Mariah Carey’s Christmas album. Every single one in that album is so classic. Though is it not a song written by her, but her voice just makes it fabulous. It is definitely worthy of listening on Christmas.
9.Underneath the Tree

All I want for Christmas is ….THIS AMAZING SONG. Kelly Clarkson is as good a singer as Mariah Carey. Anyway, they are both great singers. This song sounds beautiful by both of them.
10.Silent Night

This is another Christmas song in Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album. Unlike “Underneath the Tree”, this song is more peaceful. If you like something slow, this song would be better for your Christmas Eve.

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