With 2018 walking near to its end, we have got so many wonderful music videos on YouTube. Some music videos on YouTube have become really viral on YouTube. Here we have collected 10 most viewed YouTube music videos for 2018, and you can learn what kind of music videos are going popular right now.

Part 1: 10 Best Music Video on YouTube 2018

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On “Apeshit,” Beyoncé and Jay-Z analyze cultural institutions that fail to include black artists. The video places black dancers and the Carters in front of white artwork in the Louvre in Paris. They call out the Grammys, which invite black artists for ratings at the ceremony but don’t reward these musicians with actual trophies. As a combined force, the Carters are an establishment of their own, one that’s capable of challenging the likes of the NFL and the Recording Academy.

Justice, “Love S.O.S.”

If you put a bodybuilder in high heels and a sequined speedo, then spin him around a stripper pole before he goes on a violent melee and destroys everyone in the club, you’re getting on this list. This checks every box in the cryptic, yet rigorous, formula used to determine placement on the Best Music Videos of the Year, and while it’s not THE best, French electronic legends Justice know a thing or two about style.

Childish Gambino, “This Is America”

The starkness of Donald Glover’s video, which juxtaposes self-aware, upbeat music video tropes with unadorned images of murder, shocks the viewer; the only thing more depressing than the American reality he depicts is the fact that it needs to be restated again and again and again, to seemingly no avail. In a sign of the times, the furor surrounding the release of this video died down as soon as the internet content cycle found another outrage to glom onto, which only hammers home the disturbing nature of the smile plastered over Glover’s face as he alternates between dancing and shooting people.


Paak had a breakout year in 2016 with his sophomore album, Malibu. It was a January release strong enough to stay on everyone’s minds through the next 12 months, and it landed near the top of every year-end list and earned him his first two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Urban Contemporary Album. He didn’t stop there, either, appearing on more than a dozen tracks since and releasing an album with his side-project NxWorries. Now, he returns with his first solo track since Malibu. “Til It’s Over” is a relaxed, trippy jam that contemplates mortality and originality. And while I hate to say that it debuted on an Apple commercial, the stunning video above was directed by Spike Jonze and stars FKA Twigs.

OneRepublic – “Counting Stars”

Five years after it arrived, OneRepublic’s hit has cracked the top 15 of all time, which means the soft rockers will be etched in our public consciousness forever. Like OneRepublic the band, this music video does little to leave an initial impression, yet somehow creeps its way into your brain until you’d be willing to spend your life savings to Eternal Sunshine it out. But apparently few people share this opinion, or at the very least, nearly 2.5 billion people disagree with it!

Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

Ed Sheeran, the shape-shifting, Hooters-loving Irishman who’s wormed his way to the top of the charts, is a force in the music video department, with two videos on this list. That means Ed Sheeran, whose name is freaking "Ed" for crying out loud and has some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen, has had almost as many views for two hits as there are human beings on Earth. Sheeran shows off the ballroom dancing lesson he took in this video, which is just, well, Ed Sheeran and a woman dancing.

Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – "Uptown Funk"

At first, Gray Suit Guy is curious, like, Hey, you guys dancing? I like to dance. Actually, I LOVE TO DANCE. Maybe I’ll jump in here. But then Bruno Mars says, "Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent / Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty," and Gray Suit Guy, who probably just exchanged his Chucks for that dumb pair of brown dress shoes at the pawn shop, is like, Are you kidding me? It’s a quick, subtle crisis, but a good one.


Whether he means to or not, with every new release Drake is able to out-Drake himself. With "God’s Plan," he played up his nice guy schtick with a truly touching philanthropic music video. And since this is Drake, fans took it and packaged the idea into the pervasive God’s Plan Starts Playing meme. And plus, this might be the most Drake line of all time: "I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry." It’s impossible not to love Drake, I’m sorry.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – “See You Again”

The main reason for See You Again’s success was that it was commissioned as the theme for the movie, “Furious 7″. It was written as a tribute to fan-favorite, the late actor Paul Walker. It is both Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s most successful track to date. The song spent 12 weeks at the top of the US Billboard 100 and reached Number One in a number of other countries. It also held the record for the most streamed track in a single day on Spotify in the US, as well as records for most streams in a week worldwide and in the UK.

Adele – “Hello”

English singer, Adele, released Hello in October 2015 as the lead single from her third album, “25”. It was successful in many countries, reaching the top position across the world, including in both the UK and USA. The music video, which stars Adele and Tristan Wilds, was directed by Xavier Dolan. It broke the record for the shortest time to reach 1 billion views on YouTube – 88 days. It currently has over 12 million likes, making it the fifth most liked video on YouTube.

Part 2: How to Download Music Video from YouTube

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Step 1: Set output directory

Kick off Leawo Video Downloader after installation. Click the wheel icon on the top right corner and then open the “Download > Save videos to” option successively. Set an output directory here.

Set output directory

Step 2: Locate target video

Then, open the “Download” module. Browse target music video on YouTube via the internal browser, or directly copy and paste the URL of music video from YouTube into the browser bar to locate target video.

YouTube Downloader Browser

Step 3: Choose video option to download

Click the video to play it back and check whether it is what you want. On the right, you could see multiple download options in different formats, quality, and resolutions. Choose the one that meets your needs for downloading.

YouTube Downloader Download

Step 4: Download music video from YouTube

Finally, click the download icon with an arrow downwards to start downloading music video from YouTube. You could see the downloadings under the “Downloading” tab.

YouTube Downloader Downloading

After downloading, you could view all downloaded videos under the “Downloaded” tab. Right click any of them and then choose “File Location” option to open the folder they are saved in.

Part 3: How to Edit Music Video from YouTube and Convert to MP3

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Step 1: Add download music video to Convert module

Right click the download music video and then choose “Add to Convert” option. This will help you add downloaded music video to the Convert module.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 2: Edit downloaded YouTube music video

Once you have added downloaded music video to Convert module, click the “Edit” icon to enter the editing panel.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Trim video length

Under the “Trim” tab, adjust the limiters on the play-bar or set the “Start Time” and “End Time” values to trim video length.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Add image or text watermark

Under the “Watermark” tab, enable “Watermark” option. Add either text or image watermark as you like. Adjust watermark position, transparency, size, text font, text color, etc.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Crop video size

Under the “Crop” tab, adjust the dot frame on the left preview panel to determine the cropping size. Rotate the video for a special angle of view here as you like.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Adjust video effect

Under the “Effect” tab, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Add 3D effect

Open the “3D” tab and then slide the “3D Mode” to green. Add 3D effect from Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side by Side. Adjust 3D Depth for more vivid 3D effect.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 3: Set output format

After editing music videos, click “OK” to save and quit. On the main interface, click the button right before the big green “Convert” button and then choose “Change” option to choose output format. You could choose from “Format > Common Video”. If you want to convert music video to MP3 file, choose “MP3 Audio” from “Format > Common Audio” group.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

Step 4: Set output directory

Then, click the big green “Convert” button. On the popup sidebar, set output directory in the “Save to” box.

Manage downloaded Facebook videos

After setting output directory, click the bottom “Convert” button to start converting downloaded music video files to chosen format. The conversion will take a few minutes. You could view the whole converting process on the converting panel.

If you want more detailed operation on how to convert downloaded music video, please refer to how to convert video.