What to do if the conversion fails with error?

Please confirm the information below first.
1. iTunes is signed in, iTunes authorized the computer.
2. Please convert or play the movie rentals on the computer which you rent the movies.
3. Convert the movie rentals before the rental period ends.
4. Make sure the computer can play the HD video when you try to convert HD video on the computer, you can play the HD video by iTunes on the computer to confirm.
5. The internet connection is fine.

If above are confirmed, please restart Leawo and re-try to see if the same problem persists.
If yes, please contact us with the following information.
1. Total converted video size.
2. The video names you are converting.
3. Simultaneously converted video quantity .
4. Other operations with the program while conversion.
5. Click top Settings>Help>Bug Report, and submit Bug Report.

This FAQ is about: Frequently Asked Questions, TunesCopy, TunesCopy for Mac

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