SWF Compressor for Mac 

☉ Support all versions of Adobe Flash

☉ Reduce SWF file size with advanced algorithms

☉ Full control of compression optimization

☉ Support compressing multiple SWF files in batch


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Compress SWF files down to 30% from originalsize without any quality loss

Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac is a smart tool that helps you to reduce SWF file size up to 70% thanks to the advanced optimization algorithms. It allows you to reach the most effective compression with least quality loss for your Flash SWF files.

It offers you total control over the SWF optimization settings for your specific SWF file. And to save your time, this Mac SWF optimizer brings batch SWF files compression function. With concise and intuitive interface, this Mac SWF compressor wins both user-friendliness and performance. You can realize any SWF file compression within just a few simple clicks.

Easy to use

You can either directly drag or click Add button to import SWF files. With a few mouse clicks you will be able to set every compression parameter you like. During the compression, you can see precisely the process state of each SWF file in the file list.

Predefine accurate Flash compression settings

For beginners, you can directly choose from the 5 accurate predefined SWF compression settings: Best, Good, Basic, Medium, and Sprite. Choose Best so that you will get the smallest SWF output.

Save your own settings

Despite the preset compression settings, you can also save your own settings as quick path for you to apply in the future. This is rather useful if you need to deal with lots of SWF file with similar structures.

Detailed SWF compression settings

Detailed compression settings of SWF file such as image, shape, sound, video and font are open for you to adjust as you want.

Image compression

The SWF Compressor provides several options for you to compress the image components in the SWF file, including forcing other format like PNG, BMP, GIF to JPEG format, deleting invisible area, optimizing color and alpha channel, and adjusting the image quality.

Shape compression

Truncate shapes by removing or replacing groups of shapes with optimized ones to reduce the SWF file size, like deleting not crucial points, replacing the line or curving edge with more or less identical one to save space.

Sound compression

Compress audio part to reduce the SWF file size on Mac, including applying VBR or ABR encoding, adjusting the sound quality level or forcing the sound channel to mono type.

Video compression

Cut the video size to exactly match the player and adjust the bit rate to reduce the video quality and avoid unnecessary space occupation.

Font compression

Compress the fonts used in the SWF file. Each time you use a new font, you embed a new set of characters. So use too many fonts in the SWF file could increase the file size.

Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac

Size: 8.4MBVersion: V1.0.0Price: $99.95

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