I downloaded some videos with my Windows Media Player 11. But now get a message that my player doesn't support MP4 extensions. I tried to get the codecs I needed and ended up with some other flash players. How can I install the codec for the necessary codec for the Windows Media Player? - From Online User

windows media player codec pack

Have you ever had such experiences? Possibly, you don't know anything about codec pack, let alone downloading the right codec for Windows Media Player. But don't worry! Now, just read this passage and learn what is codec pack and where to download the right codec pack for smooth playback.

What is Codec Pack?

To figure out what a codec pack is, you should have a full understanding of codec first. A codec is a computer program, used to compress a movie of large size or encode/decode digital data into something that your computer can understand and play. And a codec pack is a collection of different codes, with which users can play those generally non-supported videos/audios by Windows/Mac/Linux computer and its software.

Is Codec Pack Necessary for Windows Media Player?

WMP(Windows Media Player) is a popular player developed by Microsoft company, but actually it cannot play all file types. For example, it fails to support h.264, h.265 (popular video codecs on YouTube), dvd media, iso, vob, vcd (windows media player doesn't play DVD), mkv (attatched support on Windows 10), rmvb, rm, swf, webm, etc. So you may run into troubles when playing such non-supported files with Windows Media Player. That's why you need a codec pack for Windows Media Player. So here comes the problem - what codec pack should you download and where to get them?

Where to Download Windows Media Player Codec Pack?

After searching on the internet, you will find yourself are offered with multiple codec choices. In the below part, we've picked out several useful codec packs which are widely appraised by users:

1. CCCP(Combined Community Codec Pack). It one of the most popular codec packs, which can support almost all video/audio files, be it common formats or uncommon ones. With it, you can also play MKV animations in Windows Media Player without any difficulties.

windows media player codec pack

2. Media Player Codec Pack. This is also a versatile codec pack for Windows Media Player since it covers almost all modern video/audio file types, including ones that cannot be supported by WMP, including MKV, DVD, ISO and many more. With it, you can totally free yourself from codec issue met in using Windows Media Player.

windows media player codec pack

3. XP Codec Pack. This all-in-one codec pack also allows you to freely play all major audio and video files since it contains all needed codecs. This software is 100% clean and safe and can be downloaded within a little while due to its small size.

windows media player codec pack

4. K-Lite Codec Pack. This top-notch codec pack boasts of 4 different flavors: Basic, Standard, Full and Mega, covering file formats from common and commonly-used formats to uncommon ones. With it, just feel free to play any videos/audios on your Windows Media Player.

windows media player codec pack

To name just a few, the above are just four professional codec packs for Windows Media Player. You can definitely search more by yourself.

Generally, when you are stuck in incompatible codec issues, click on Web Help in the pop-up box, follow the prompted steps and you could then download the right missing codec pack and play files normally. But you could need to spend much time in codec downloading when the network condition is poor. And even if you've successfully installed the codec pack on the computer, Windows Media Player may still fails to play the exact files. Pretty troublesome, right? Why not just get an alternative to Windows Media Player, so as to rescue you from all these incompatible codec problems of Windows Media Player?

What's the Best Alternative to Windows Media Player?

Speaking of the best Windows Media Player alternative, this FREE Leawo Blu-ray Player is highly recommended to you. With it, you don't have to download any codec pack at all, since all codec packs were already built-in. All these codecs won't conflict with anything on your operating system. To put it in another way, this all-in-one software is able to play almost all video and audio files including those that can't be played by Windows Media Player without the right codec pack like MKV, RMVB and etc. Moreover, this software offers you a customized watching experience by entitling you to change the playing settings as you wished. You can decide the subtitles, audio tracks and other settings to your own preference. Also, if you are playing disk or DVD file, you can even use virtual remote control to manage your watching experience at the distance while cozily lying on the couch. Most importantly, you will never get overwhelmed by this software, since it has the easiest user interface:


Steps to play files without installing codec pack.

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then hit the Open File option to load the source file.

windows media player codec pack

Then you can right click on the main interface to change the settings as wanted such as subtitle, video/audio track or other information. Finally, just continue the playing and enjoy your watching to your own preference.

windows media player codec pack

Actually, it is no exaggeration to say this FREE Leawo Blu-ray Player is actually a combination of Windows Media Player and all codec packs for its non-supported files. With it, you will be able to play almost all types of video and audio files without any restrictions. Such a powerful yet free media player is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?