"I misplace my AirPods easily because they are so small. Do you know how can I keep them together in case I lose one of them? I have heard bout AirPods straps, but I am not sure if they can work perfectly for me to avoid such situation".

In this article, we have researched the best AirPods straps and all of them are capable of offering you with stability and comfort. The convenience of the Airpod is self-explanatory. We can listen to music without wires getting tangled. But one obvious drawback about Airpod is that you can easily lose it when doing sports without evening realizing it. If you want to use the AirPod when exercising, a strap for your AirPod is recommended. Here’s the top 10 AirPod straps you can use for your AirPod.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

1. Shalwinn

Price : $7.99

One troublesome thing about the straps is that they can get tangled easily, but Shalwinn AirPod strap is of Tangle-free design. What is more, you can easily install it with your earphones. When doing rigorous exercise, you would be giving your best as the strap would ensure the earphones remain secure and don't come off. Two colors of this strap are available, namely, black and white.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

2. Spigen

Price $9.99

Spigen is made of quality silicone material, therefore it is extremely lightweight and durable. You can put your AirPods on it and start listening to music on your iPhone while doing sports without worrying about this Airpod strap getting tangled and broken by accident.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

3. Alpaca

Price: $8.44

You can put this AirPod strap in your pocket directly without having to worry that it may tangle. The design of such AirPod strap is simple and you can put it on your shoulder directly.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

4. Amavasion

price : $10.90

This is also a kind of silicone strap and it is very useful for AirPods users. Once you hold it in your palm, you will find that it is exceptionally light. Besides, it doesn't add any bulk to your earphones. Even when you are running at your top speed, your AirPods won’t fall down because it can help AirPod stay in your ears. The premium material makes it very soft and durable.

Top 10 AirPod Straps


Price: $7.89

The price of VIMVIP is lovely and this AirPod strap is a handy asset for your AirPods. Setting it up with your earphones is rather simple. It's very soft to touch as it is made of quality silicone material. When you are done with the music, you can put the headphones on your shoulders using this AirPod strap.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

6. Proboths

Price: $10.7

If you are tired of seeing the white AirPod straps, you may like the fashionable design of Proboths. It is also different from the straps that we just introduced to you in terms of the material because it is made of cotton material, which makes it very light and goes along nicely with your earphones.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

7. Elobeth

Price: $4.25

This is the cheapest AirPod strap that we recommend to you. When you are not using your AirPods, you can hang it around your neck with this earphones strap because it is long enough. You can easily carry it in your pocket to because you don’t have to worry it getting tangle. There are three color options to choose from.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

8. TechMatte

Price: $10

The next AirPods strap on our top list comes from Techmatte. It’s made of a soft silicone material, which makes it very comfortable to wear or remove.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

9. Proboths Exquisite Crystal Beads Strap

As you can see in this picture, this is a very interesting product. If you want to stand out by using a beautiful strap, you may need to try this one. The total length of it is 69 cm and it is decorated with various pearls. It is for sure that this strap is completely different from everything you saw until now.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

10. iAbler

Price: $10

The reason why we recommend this strap is that it sports the simplest design. Its simple design can offer you with a peace of mind while listening to music.

Top 10 AirPod Straps

How to Pair Your AirPod with iPhone

  • Step 1. Unlock your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Open the AirPods case and hold it next to your iPhone.
  • Step 3. A setup animation appears on your iPhone.
  • Pair AirPod with iPhone

  • Step 4. Tap on Connect, then tap Done.

How to Download Music from Online Music Websites to Listen to With AirPod

Now, let’s move to the third topic: how to record music from online music station to listen to on iPhone with AirPod. You may hear wonderful music from different websites, but you have no idea how to download them as they are played through FM. Under such circumstance, Leawo Music Recorder should be applied. It is a music recording software program that lets you record music from different sources and then save in MP3 or WAV format with lossless quality.


The following is the steps of how to use it.

Step 1: Select audio source

Click the Audio Source icon on the bottom-left corner, then select Record Computer Audio in Audio Source settings panel.

Download online music

Step 2: Recording settings for output

Now, click on the Format tab then set the format (MP3 or WAV) for output recordings. To set the output directory, click on the General tab.

Download online music

Step 3: Start recording

Click on the red button and you can start record the music right away.

Download online music

Step 4: Manually editing if needed

After the third step, you can either output the music or edit the audio file. Right click the desired recording then select Edit Music Tags option to edit music tags.

Download online music

Now we have told you how to choose the best straps for your AirPods, how to connect your AirPods to iPhone and how to record music from other websites. You can fully utilize your AirPods now.