Shenzhen, Guangdong, China - 09/17/2013 – Leawo Software, together with Paddle deal website, is holding a 5-day software promotion campaign for Leawo iOS Data Recovery. In the promotion, the top 1 iPad/iPod/iPhone data recovery tool can be got at 71% off price at

Recently, Apple has released its portable devices iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with the latest iOS 7 running. Since the revelation of the two new iPhone models, the forward-thinking iPhone 5s and colorful iPhone 5c have drawn great attention from the masses. Among all the new features of iPhone 5s, one of the outstanding spotlight that people care about must be the safety technology – the fingerprint identity sensor. So we can see how important it is for people to keep the safety of personal data on the iDevices.

The fingerprint scanner assists us to make the data safe to a certain extent, whereas, to really guarantee data safety and retrieve lost data quickly in case of data loss, we should rely on a professional third-party software utility or tool, like an iPhone data recovery program.

However, most of the professional data recovery software is costly and inefficient, but Leawo iOS Data Recovery is not like that. The all-in-one iPod/iPhone/iPad data recovery program can do most of the data recovery jobs, like messages recovery, contacts recovery, photos recovery, videos recovery, notes recovery and many more files recovery. Besides, the iPad/iPod/iPhone data recovery utility can also work as an iPod/iPad/iPhone backup extractor as well as data backup tool if you like. All in all, the professional iOS data recovery tool makes data recovery, backup and iTunes backup extracting a breeze.

iOS Data Recovery promotion

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You may think that such a powerful iOS data recovery tool must be extremely costly. No, with the commitment to creating the top 1 inexpensive software in the world, all the useful utilities offered by Leawo Software are cost-effective and functional affordable for any people. Moreover, Leawo Software is holding regular promotion for different software. Now, the top 1 iPhone data recovery software is involved in a September promotion, anyone can get this multi-functional software package at 71% off price compared with its usual price.

So how to get the discount iPad/iPod/iPhone data recovery software? Just go to, click the green “Buy Now” button on the top right corner of the page, then you can buy the software with only $19.95 after payment, which help you save $50.

The iOS data recovery promotion will be over soon, so take your time and never miss the chance!


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