Chadwick Boseman is an American actor and playwright. In the early stage of his career, he was a writer. After realizing that his acting was widely receiving by the global audiences, he moved to transit from background worker to actor on the screen. In his short career life, he has been awarded a Drama League Directing Fellowship, nominated for a Jeff Award as a playwright for Deep Azure and earned himself a NAACP image award. In the peak time of his career, he was diagnosed to colon cancer. But he covers his condition to the public, continuing to act and became even more supportive to the cancer charities. For such an excellence, what are the memorable acting works remaining for us. Follow us in this article to see some best Chadwick Boseman movies.

Best Chadwick Boseman Movies

It is lucky for one performer to give one stand-out performance in his life for the people to remember it throughout his whole life. For Chadwick Boseman, it seems like he was born for the acting. Throughout his whole twenty-year's career, he delivered countless iconic moments which are hard to shoulder by any other actors. This section ranks several works, all from Boseman and gives recommendation rate for each of them.

Gods of Egypt

Recommendation rate: 3/10

Boseman's performance in Gods of Egypt as Thoth can be labeled as interesting. But that doesn't earn the film any marks. Reversely, the film reportedly lost Summit Entertainment about $90 million. Due to the fact of the Egyptian Gods were normally portrayed by a predominantly white cast, Boseman's action in this movie received a significant amount of backlash. However, though harvest was not equal to what Boseman has dedicated to perform in this movie, we still respect his hard-work since his character manifested as multiple copies of himself and all the scenes had to filmed hundreds of times from different angles.

Message from the King

Recommendation rate: 4/10

Message from the King features Boseman as the protagonist Jacob King whose sister lives in Los Angeles and is killed. He travels from the Cape Town to where his sister dwells on to carry on a revenge on her death. Despite the high-profile cast of the movie, it received mixed-to-negative reviews. The positive critics highlight the excellent performance of Boseman while the negative ones criticize its slow-moving script.

21 Bridges

Recommendation rate: 5/10

21 Bridges is a movie of action thriller portrayed the NYPD detective Davis who was starred by Boseman. Davis shuts down 21 bridges in Manhattan trying to track down two suspected cop murderers who have stolen cocaine from a shop and try to escape into Manhattan. According to the Metacritic, the film with the themes of duty, honor and corruption and with an impressive cast should be more arresting than it is. Therefore, it is ranked average in the reviews of the audiences.

Captain America: Civil War

Recommendation rate: 6/10

Boseman, staring T'Challa, joins MCU as tensions rise between Iron Man who believes that the government should own the rights to oversight, and Captain America who believes that the superhero should remain free to defend humanity without government's interference. After T'Challa's father is murdered by a brainwashed bomber, he decides to avenge his death. The film receives positive reviews from the audiences. And all believes that the film begins the next wave of marvel movies with action-packed superhero blockbuster. And the film also remarks a turning point in Boseman's career.


Recommendation rate: 8/10

42 is the film telling the story of Jackie Robinson, stared by Boseman, who is the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. 42 is also the jersey name of Robinson. Boseman's performance in this movie earns him a lot of appraise and makes the movie a great success, grossing $97.5 million. Boseman's widow remarked to FOX Sports that the movie is authentic, and it's also very powerful.

Black Panther

Recommendation rate:10/10

After the death of his father, T'challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to shoulder the obligation as a king to confront the powerful enemy. Faced with sudden danger, the young king should rally his army to flight against for the fate of Wakanda. The film propelled Boseman into the international stardom, and it investigates deeply of the colonialism and power. It hits the world with its debut and has break several box office records in the process.

The film is successful in its cultural influential as well as its commercial success. With exquisite performance of Boseman, Black Panther makes it known by the world. Though Boseman has passed on, he left a lot of illustrious works for the comers to enjoy in the future.

Sites to Get Chadwick Boseman Movies

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How to Download Chadwick Boseman Movies for Local Play?

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Classical works will withstand the testing of time. We believe that what Boseman left us is not only the stand-out movies, but also the cultural influential it has brought to the world. Catch up with the classical movies via the Video Downloader for a cinematic viewing experience.