Recently, some iPhone users frequently reported a problem related to their phones. “My iPhone keeps asking me for my Apple ID password”. Have you ever encountered such a problem on your iPhone? The issue of “iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password” normally happens after a restoring or sometimes after updating our iPhone. But it is very unusual when Apple iPhone keeps asking for apple id and password when there’s nothing downloading, there are no wrong passwords, or there’s no problem with your account. If this is your first time to be confused with this issue, you would be quite annoyed and have no idea what you should do to tackle this problem. In this situation, you can try the follow solutions to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Force restart your iPhone

Just as mentioned above, actually, iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID is not a technical problem, to some extent. It may occur after you wake the phone and/or start any app. Then, in order to solve the problem, force restart your iPhone could an instant method for you. So, it is easy to handle with. Also, some users would worry about whether the content data may be erased while force restarting the iPhone. Actually, just relax. The content would not be erased by restarting your iPhone in the forceful way. Here are the simple instructions to force restart your iPhone.

If you are using iPhone 6/6s/6S Plus or older, you can press Home button and Power button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then, you should release the buttons to wait for the startup process about 10-20 seconds. If you are using iPhone 7/7 Plus, you should press and hold Power button and Volume Down button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then the startup process would begin. If you are using iPhone XR/XS Max/8/8 Plus, you should press Volume Up button and then quickly release it. Secondly, press the Volume Down button and quickly release it. Finally, press and hold Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen, the startup process would begin.

Fix 2: Update all your apps and iOS

Updating iOS can fix lots of bugs for software errors and other problems, including the iPhone keeps asking for Apple id.Once the iPhone has backed up, go to Settings and tap on “General”, followed by “Software Update”. When you see an update available, choose “Install Now”. When the update complete installation of itself, the device will automatically reboot and boot back up as normal when finished.

Step 1. Click Settings, then tap on General.

Step 2. Tap on Software Update.

Step 3. Tap on Install Now.

During backup restoration, if you are asked to type in your previous Apple ID password, skip the request. Once your device is restored, sign in to your iCloud. As well, after updating your iOS system, then you can also update all your apps by entering the settings panel to avoid this issue.

Fix 3: Sign out, and then sign in your iPhone

Another more efficient way to solve the problem is to sign out and then sign in your iPhone to prevent your iPhone from keeping asking for password error. Here the account you should sign out and sign is is your iCloud. Follow the steps below,

Sing out iCloud will reset iCloud’s authentication with Apple service. So, you can try to sign out iCloud and then sign in again to fix the iPhone/iPad keeps asking for iCloud password error.

Step 1. Click Settings on your iPhone and you can find your iCloud name at the top of the screen. Click the account and then you can scroll down to the bottom. Click the Sign out option.

Step 2. Log into your iCloud again. Once you have signed out, then you can go to Settings again and tap on the iCloud account and sign in again. Here you should enter your Apple ID and password. The signing in and signing out procedures are quite similar no matter you are using the newest iOS or older version.

Fix 4: Turn FaceTime and iMessage off and on

It is always important to check your iCloud account. Always check it is configured in proper manner or not. Check switching off your account by deleting your account. Before doing this, you need to first prepare all the backup files for the iCloud and iTunes. When you go to the setting and tap to the account field and erase the before written password and type the new one for your Apple ID. After type the password and login and see whether it fixes the issue or not. If the issue is not even fixed then you have to check the iMessage and Face Time under setting. These two apps always use your Apple ID even you are not turned on these services. In that case there may be some trouble with your account activation or information. Try turning off if it works then you have able to fix the problem. After that you have to reactive iMessage and Face Time with correct Apple ID and password.

Fix 5: Change your Apple ID password

If nothing works after trying above solutions, you can change your Apple ID password to avoid any invalid registration which would result in the log in failure. The steps are showed below.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app and scroll down and tap on iCloud.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on Sign Out and confirm it. If you have iOS 7 or earlier, you need to tap on Delete and confirm it.

Step 3. Tap on the Keep on My Device and enter the password of your Apple ID. In this case the data of your phone will stay in the iCloud and it will be updated when you will sign in.

Step 4. Now, you need to go to My Apple ID and enter your current Apple ID and password.

Step 5. Once you enter your Apple ID and password, click on Edit button seen next to your Apple ID and primary email ID. If you have set security problems, you need to answer them first.

Fix 6: Erase your iPhone

If the above methods don’t work, you’ll just have to erase and restore your iPhone from an iCloud/iTunes backup. You can also try resetting the iPhone without erasing the data. If the iPhone still keeps asking for the Apple ID password, head over to the next solution. A clean restore usually helps reset all things and throws away the problems. You’ve got the data backed up. So, you should keep in mind that erasing your iPhone would cause the data losses. Make sure that you had backed up your data on your iPhone. In order to back up your data, you can seek help from Leawo iOS Data Recovery. This powerful program would allow you to restore all your content from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud easily for further conveniences. Therefore, with Leawo iOS Data Recovery at hand, you could erase your iPhone without any other concerns. But the most important you should know is you must back up your data before erasing your iPhone. And after backing up the data, if any data losses have been caused, you can adopt Leawo iOS Data Recovery to recover the data showed below.

  • ios-data-recovery
  • Leawo iOS Data Recovery

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Step 1. Download and install Leawo iSO Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2. Open the program and connect your iPhone to the computer with a proper USB cable. Once you entered the software, then you will have several recovery modes to choose from, including Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Step 3. Choose the data to recover. When you view all categories of iPhone in the left sidebar of the software screen, you need to check all the apps you would like to back up. Afterwards, you need to click on the "Recover" button at the rightmost corner of the interface.

Step 4. Confirm the target folder on your computer. In the pop-up dialogue, you need to click on "Open" button and then browse your computer to choose a proper location to save the exported files. After you set the target directory well, you can tap on the button of "Go" to start the process to recover files. In a few seconds, the data will be available in the folder.

Once you are sure about how to back up your data as well as recovering the lost data, now you can erase your iPhone without any further concerns by following the steps below. Then you would come to find that iPhone keeps asking for apple id password issue has been solved then.

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap on General.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on Reset.

Step 3. Finally, tap on Reset All Settings.