iPhone Speaker is one of the most common functions making the sound of phone call output from the speaker. It is not only just used for headphone. But, we always encounter some issues about the iPhone speaker and don’t know how to fix it. When an iPhone’s speaker stops working, the music stops playing, you can’t make calls using the speakerphone, and you don’t hear a “ding” when you receive a text message or an email. In this article, I’ll explain what to do when an iPhone speaker is not working so you can fix the problem for good.

Part 1: How to fix iPhone speaker phone not working

You are lucky to be here if your iPhone speaker is not working. You may think this is the problem of hardware. But actually, many problems are related to software. How to fix iPhone speakerphone not working? There are some great solutions listed as below for your reference.
1. Try to restart the iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button, drag the slider to the right and switch off your iPhone. Then turn on the iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button one more time.
2. Get rid of iPhone case if your iPhone is wrapped by a case. The speaker is blocked by the case under the condition that the size of iPhone case does not match with your iPhone.
3. You can fix the speaker via disable Bluetooth. Have you connected your iPhone by Bluetooth to your car? Make sure there are no accessories associating with your iPhone and switch off Bluetooth. You can finish this step via entering Setting > Bluetooth.


4. Once iPhone speaker stopped working, what cause it not to work may be the dirt and dust. In this case, the speaker must be cleaned by using toothpick or brush. Meanwhile, the lightning connector must be cleaned together.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone ear speaker phone not working

When you encounter a problem of iPhone X ear speaker not working normally, you may feel annoyed especially when you are receiving the important phone calls. Below we will show you some solutions to this issue.
1. You ear phone speaker can be cleaned by Alcohol. Firstly,you must switch off your iPhone and make sure there are no connected cables to your iPhone. Then take a dry cotton swab with alcohol. Put your iPhone to face down and clean it. Remember don’t put your iPhone to face up, as the alcohol may go into the ear speaker very easily. Rub the ear speaker four or five times. Your ear speaker will work normally when you receive your phone calls from your friends or family.
2. Check the headphone jack and port. If there is something there, you can clean it by compressing the air inside.
3. You can fix the ear speaker via repairing your iPhone. Make an appointment with your Apple store and repair your iPhone in the Apple store.

Part 3: How to fix iPhone speaker not loud

Because of the accessories and the problem of internal Software, it is easy to cause iPhone speaker not loud. Here is the guide of how to fix this problem as below.
1. You can try to follow this step to get your iPhone noise cancellation enabled. Enter “Settings” and go to “General”, then go into “Accessibility” to slide the toggle of “Phone Noise Cancellation” from left to right.
2. You can check the “Sound” in the “Setting”. Meanwhile, check the sound through this step “Settings > Music > Enable Sound Check”. The maximum on slider can be set by checking toggle and turning off the volume limit.
3. Increase the sound volume in the music app, or you can go to common volume control to adjust the volume in the control center.

Part 4: How to fix iPhone volume button stuck

iPhone volume button stuck is a big trouble the iPhone users may meet. You iPhone cannot work normally and give you lots of conveniences. Below we will offer you some methods to fix the issue on iPhone volume button stuck.
1. You can check whether the hardware is damaged. If yes, it will cause the problem of volume button stuck.
2. The dirt and the fragment may cause the stuck problem, so the volume button must have been cleaned thoroughly.
3. The volume button must be vacuumed by using a light cleaner. Never use the vacuum cleaner at maximum speed.
4. If the volume button is still stuck even you have got rid of the fragment, you can press the volume button and hold for a while till the volume icon can be seen on screen.

Part 5: How to transfer backup iPhone voice memos via iTransfer

Sometimes, you need to transfer backup iPhone voice memos to your computer due to your work or other reasons. What would you do to complete this transfer? It is a good idea to use a third-party tool -Leawo iTransfer to finish this task in an effective way.
Leawo iTransfer offers a good solution to transfer different kinds of files between iOS devices and computers. It is a professional tool for backing up your voice memos without any data loss. Thanks to the advanced technology of scanning and transferring, this software can help you transfer the files safely and reliably. Below we will teach the detailed steps of how to transfer backup iPhone voice memos via iTransfer.


Leawo iTransfer 

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1. Run Leawo iTransfer on computer and connect your iPhone to the computer by USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected automatically and the details of it will be shown below the library in the left sidebar.

2. Before transferring voice memos, you need to save it to the “Notes” library, then click the option “Notes” and check certain files you want to transfer on the right part of the window. The selected notes can be previewed and you just need to click the button “Export”. The voice memos will start to transfer.

3. A pane will pop up when the transferred files are chosen, then you are required to choose a destination folder to save what you transfer. Finally, click the button “Export” to begin to transfer the “Voice Memos” from iPhone to computer.