"I enjoy songs of Beyonce Knowles very much. I used to buy her songs from iTunes but recently I figure that I prefer to listen to her music only instead of watching her MV. Is there any way to extract audio from iTunes videos? This would be much appreciated if you would teach me how to convert M4V to MP3 step by step."

Yes, some people may prefer audio to video out of various reasons, and frankly speaking, converting a video in non-DRM M4V format to audio is much easier than that for DRM M4V due to Apple copy protection. You just need to install some kind of video converter to transcode M4V to audio such as MP3 within several clicks. However, in most cases, music or movies downloaded from iTunes are protected with DRM so it requires some professional software to remove DRM first and then convert a video to audio. In the following I am going to introduce you some powerful and professional software to help you extract lossless audio from a DRM M4V video. Hope that would be a satisfactory solution to you.

Part 1: Convert iTunes DRM M4V to MP4 beforehand with Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM serves as a professional software to remove DRM from any iTunes video without hurting the video quality. It supports users to remove DRM from videos in batches and automatically process the M4V files to MP4 after conversion. For converting iTunes DRM M4V to MP4, the process goes extremely fast via Leawo Prof. DRM.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM.

Step 2.Launch the program and click Add Files to the main interface. Under the bottom of the Home page, set the output directory.


Step 3. After adding files and setting output directory, click the Edit icon from the right side of the target file to choose audio tracks and subtitles for the output MP4 video file.


Step 4: Click Convert from the bottom to remove DRM and start M4V to MP4 conversion. The progress bar will show you the ongoing process.


After the removal and conversion process is done, the files can be found from the Converted page. Up to now, if you want to convert them to audio, open your Leawo video converter and follow steps in the next part 2.

Part 2: Convert MP4 to Audio Afterwards with Leawo Video Converter

Thanks to Leawo Prof. DRM, now you have successfully removed all the DRM from M4V videos and what you need to do is to extract audio from MP4 with the best video converter ever. Supporting more than 180 formats and being widely recognized by users all over the world, Leawo Video Converter is dedicated to resolving audio/video conversion requirements with its all-in-one design. Moreover, it strives to retain the original file quality by providing a bunch of features to modify and customize the output file. Now let me show you how to extract audio from the converted MP4 file.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Video Converter.


Step 2: Add the MP4 to the main interface.

Drag the converted MP4 videos to the Convert page or click Add Video from the menu bar to add videos to convert. To save time, you can click Add Video Folder to add videos in batches.


Step 3: Go to the Profile panel for selecting the target format.

Click Change from the format menu bar and the Profile panel is displayed. You can view that rich formats are supported ranging from audios to videos, even for specific devices.


Step 4: Select the target output format.

Here we take MP3 as an example. You can go for WMA, FLAC and other formats as well.


Step 5: Set the output directory.

Back to main interface, click the green button Convert and you are exposed to an interface to set the specific directory for saving the output files.


Step 6: Start to convert MP4 to audio.

Click the big round button at the bottom to start extracting audio from the video.

Part 3: Extract Audio from iTunes Videos with Leawo Music Recorder

Part 1 and part 2 work together to remove DRM from M4V video via Leawo Prof. DRM first, get MP4 out from M4V, and then convert MP4 to audio via the video converter. The seamless cooperation makes the conversion easy and handy. Meanwhile, Leawo introduces another software which may also be able to extract audio from iTunes videos—Leawo music recorder. It has been developed to help users to record music from online or local video or audio sources. In this case, it would be of great help to record iTunes music free and fast.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Music Recorder.


Step 2.On the lower left, click the audio source icon to choose your audio source. Here we record computer audio stream or online music.


Step 3.On the top right corner, click the inverted triangle icon to invoke the settings such as scheduler, control, and format. Here you can set the output file to MP3 format.


Step 4: Under the General tab, set the directory to save your recordings.


Step 5: Before you play iTunes videos, click the start icon to begin the recording. You can personalize the recording tags by right clicking the desired recording.


Step 6: Click the finish button when it completes recording.

Now you can have your personal playlist for MP3 music.

It is quite clear that if you want to extract audio from an iTunes M4V video, you can have two ways to achieve that. One is to remove DRM from M4V, transfer M4V to MP4 via the Prof. DRM, and then extract audio from MP4 via Leawo Video Converter. The other is to record iTunes videos via Leawo music recorder. I am sure both ways will be helpful to you.