Bringing together a collection of videos from various sources and uploaded videos from its wide users, Dailymotion is quite popular and welcomed for many users to watch videos online. However, if you are intended to save videos to your local computer and watch them offline or watch them on other portable devices, you need the help of powerful online video downloader tools. And there are various types of Dailymotion video downloaders for option. You definitely prefer the one that are free, efficient and much easier to use. For downloading and watching Dailymotion videos on QuickTime or Apple devices for free, you should download and convert Dailymotion to MOV with the help of Dailymotion to MOV downloader recommended in this post.

Part 1: Download Dailymotion videos with Leawo Video Downloader

First of all, the best Dailymotion to MOV downloader strongly recommended is Leawo Video Downloader, a top online video downloader that downloads videos from more than 1000 sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Hulu, Vimeo and Vevo, and so on. With the help of Leawo Video Downloader, you can download Dailymotion to MOV in high resolution. Besides, equipped with advanced video loading technology, the video downloader helps you download Dailymotion video and videos from other sites in 6X faster speed. Since it is efficient as well as user-friendly, you could easily download Dailymotion vides with one click even if you are a total novice.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo Video Downloader

Click the link below to download Leawo Video Downloader, and then install the program on your computer.

Step 2. Paste target video URL from Dailymotion

Launch the program and then click the Download button in the top menu to enter the downloading module, where the built-in web browser would be activated immediately and lead to by default. Now you can copy the URL of the Dailymotion video you want to download, and then paste the URL in the location bar to find the target video. Or you can also search the video you need from the quick search box for downloading.


Step 3: Download Dailymotion videos for watching offline

Once you have found the target Dailymotion video, you can watch it directly and the video downloader will explore the downloadable video sources in different formats and resolutions at the same time, and list these videos on the sidebar. Click the green arrow to open the hidden sidebar and then you can press the download button to start downloading the video in the format and resolution you prefer.


The downloading process will be finished in minutes and the downloaded Dailymotion video can be played offline freely on the built-in media player. Generally, you can download Dailymotion videos in MP4, WebM or other common video formats. If you want an MOV video, you are recommended to convert the downloaded videos from Dailymotion to MOV with Leawo Video Converter.

Part 2: Convert Dailymotion videos to MOV with Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is one of the best video converter software as well as audio converter software that converts video and audio files in more than 180 formats from one to another, including MP4 to AVI, MP4 to MOV, MKV to MTS, WebM to FLV, FLAC to MP3, etc., while preserving 100% original quality in output. In addition, you could also convert videos to popular portable devices including iOS devices, Android devices and Microsoft Windows devices. The video converter is equipped with a built-in video editor that can personalize the video you like. Likewise, the program is easy to use so that you can convert Dailymotion to MOV video in simple steps.

You can download and install Leawo Video Converter on your computer, and simply convert video to MOV. Since you have installed Leawo Video Downloader, you may have found that Leawo Video Converter is also installed at the same time. You can click the Convert button to enter the converting module and follow the steps below to convert Dailymotion to MOV.

Step 1. Import the downloaded Dailymotion videos into the converter

Click the “Add Video” button on the submenu bar to browse and select the downloaded Dailymotion videos for importing. Otherwise, you can also import the target videos to the program by direct drag-and-drops.


Note: If you would like to combine the imported video files into one big file, you can simply click the blue “Merge all files into one” button which is next to the big green “Convert” button to make it. Besides, once you have imported the video, you could play it back, add external subtitles, customize it via the internal video editor, etc.

Step 2. Set MOV as the output format

Click the format button named “MP4 Video” by default to open a drop-down box, and then choose Change option to enter the Profile panel where you could select “MOV Video” from “Common Video” group as the output format.


Note: You can reopen the same drop-down box and choose “Edit” option this time to enter the Profile Settings panel to adjust video and audio parameters of the video, including: Video Codec, Quality, Video Size, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio as well as Audio Codec, Quality, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, etc. After that, remember to click “OK” button to save the settings and return to the main interface.

Step 3. Convert Dailymotion to MOV

Click the green “Convert” button to open the sidebar where you can select an output folder for saving the converted video in the “Save to” box. And then click the “Convert” at the bottom of the sidebar to start converting Dailymotion to MOV. And the conversion process will be complete in minutes.


Step 3. Start to Convert ASF to Sony Vegas MP4

Click “Browse…” to select the path for saving converted file in MP4 format, and then click “Conversion” button at the bottom down to start to convert ASF to Sony Vegas. After a while, you can find MP4 file in the output folder you just set, and then you can import it into Sony Vegas.

Part 3: Convert Dailymotion videos to MOV with Koyote Free Video Converter

Due to the incompatibility of different video files and multimedia players, video conversion is most of the time needed. And certainly, it is necessary for you to convert Dailymotion to MOV. Koyote Free Video Converter is a free video conversion utility that converts any video including Dailymotion video to the formats you want for watching offline. A number of video formats are supported for input and output, such as AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP, 3GP (mobile phones), iPhone, MOV, M2TS and other common video formats and portable devices. Definitely, you can convert your Dailymotion videos to MOV by using this video converter for free.


Step 1. Add source Dailymotion video files to the program

After downloading and installing the program on your computer, launch the program to enter the main interface. And then click the “Add files” button to import the downloaded Dailymotion video.

Step 2. Choose MOV as the output format

In the Output format box, select the video format you want for output.

Step 3. Set output directory

Click the Parameters button next to Output Format button to set an output path for containing the converted video files.

Step 4. Convert Dailymotion to MOV

Click the “Convert Video” button in the blue menu bar to start converting Dailymotion to MOV.

Part 4: Convert Dailymotion videos to MOV with Totally Free Converter

In order to download Dailymotion to MOV, you can also make use of Totally Free Converter, an express video and audio conversion tool. It converts a variety of video files from one to another, extract audio from video file and convert audio files freely. With the wide range of video and audio formats supported, you can convert Dailymotion to MOV, MP4 to AVI, WMV to FLV, MTS to VOB, AC3 to AAC, etc. It has very simple interface so that it is extremely easy to get MOV from your favorite Dailymotion videos.


Step 1. Import downloaded Dailymotion video to the converter

Download and install Totally Free Converter. And then you can run it and click Video icon to import Dailymotion video to the converter for conversion.

Step 2. Save Dailymotion video as MOV file

Now save the file as MOV immediately, the program will complete the process very soon.

Part 5: Convert Dailymotion videos to MOV with CloudConvert

Except for the powerful and free video converter programs, there are also some online video converter applications that would help Dailymotion to MOV conversion. Among a lot of online applications that support all common video files, CloudConvert is one of the most popular online file converters that could convert over 200 formats, including audio, video, document, eBook, archive, image and other file formats. Besides, there is no need to install any program on your PC. Only if you have access to the internet, you can convert any video to MOV by using any web browser. Once you have downloaded video from Dailymotion with Dailymotion to MOV downloader, or you can also copy the URL of the source video and then go to CloudConvert web application, and convert Dailymotion video to MOV effectively.


Step 1. Upload the Dailymotion video to the web application.

Click the “Select File” to upload the downloaded Dailymotion video from your computer to the web application. If you want to download Dailymotion to MOV directly, you can also paste the URL of the Dailymotion video for uploading.

Step 2. Choose MOV as the target format

Open the output format box and choose MOV as the target video format.

Step 3. Convert video to MOV

Now you can initiate Dailymotion to MOV conversion by clicking the red Convert button. And then the conversion process will be finished in a short while.

Step 4. Download Dailymotion in MOV

Once the conversion is completed, it will offer you a download link for you to download the converted MOV.