If you are an iPod photographer who needs more space to snap extra shots or maybe you don't want to be reminded of the contents of a certain album. In either case, it's not difficult to delete an album off your iPod touch or iPod nano. Using either your iPod or a PC, you can complete this task without too much effort. Now let's take a look at how to delete photos from iPod.

Part 1: How to Delete a Photo from iPod

When you use iPod touch to take photos, you must encounter that there are some pictures that you take may be not beautiful as you wish and you want to delete them for making more space to snap extra shots. I think this is a common problem because people are always agitated when there are no other space for them to take more beautiful photos. Now let's have a look at the details about how to delete photos from iPod touch.

1. Open Photos app on your iPod touch;

photos on ipod touch

2. Choose photos you want to delete;

Tap "Camera Roll" or other folders to choose photos you want to delete. (Please remember that if you want to delete one photo, you can tap that one and then click a trash can icon to confirm "Delete Photo" to complete the process; and if you want to delete some photos selectively, you can go back to the camera overview, and then click the share button on the upper right corner to select photos then tap "Delete" in the bottom right corner to confirm "Delete Everywhere".)

delete photos on ipod