"I need some audio material (preferably in MP3 format) from Dailymotion. But I have no idea how to get it. Can anybody help? A million thanks."

In order to get audio materials from videos on Dailymotion, a third party program is required. If you have no idea which program is suitable to convert Dailymotion to MP3, below post is worth to read carefully and then follow tutorial guides to convert Dailymotion to MP3 step by step.

Part 1. Know about Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a YouTube-like website for uploading, sharing, and watching videos. It was firstly developed in Paris and then spread to many other countries around the world. A Dailymotion video-sharing application is available for Windows 10, Windows Phone, iOS, Android mobile operating systems as well as PS4. Users love to watch and share videos on Dailymotion, where a variety of videos are accommodated. This naturally brings some issues concerning how to get videos from Dailymotion and convert them to other formats. In the following part, I will share with you some amazing programs to convert Dailymotion to MP3 and lead you to download videos from Dailymotion reliably and efficiently.

Part 2. Convert Dailymotion video to MP3 with the best Dailymotion to MP3 converterr - Leawo Video Converter

With Leawo Video Converter, users are free to convert files according to their own needs. Leawo Video Converter is a module of the Leawo Pro. Media, a powerful software adopts all-in-one design to satisfy users' demands at different levels, which enables users to download online videos, stream video with the built-in player, burn videos to DVD, etc within the same program. The output quality ranks top among other video converters, making Leawo Video Converter more appealing to all. Now let's check for steps to convert Dailymotion to MP3 with Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Video Converter

Download and install the program by clicking the download buttons below. If you are a Mac user, turn to the version for Mac.


Step 2: Add Dailymotion videos to the program

Launch the program. Under the "Convert" tab, click "Add Video" to import the source video to the program or directly drag your files to the program. To save time, click "Add Video Folder" to import a bunch of files at a time.


Step 3: Change the output format

Under the format dropdown menu, click Change to move to the Profile panel for selecting your target output format.


Step 4: Select the target output format

On the Profile panel, all kinds of formats will be displayed for your selection. Choose your desired output "MP3" format from the right panel or search it from the quick search box on the left. After the target output format is selected, return to the main interface.


Step 5: Edit the file before conversion

Click "Edit" from the format dropdown menu, from which you will be able to edit the file by setting specific parameters such as codec, bit rate, aspect ratio for the file before conversion. Or you could click the edit icon on the right of the video to do editing jobs such as trimming, cropping, adding watermark, removing noise etc for the file.


Step 6: Start converting Dailymotion to MP3

On the toolbar, click the big green button "Convert" and set a directory to save the output file on the pop-up window, after which click the below round icon "Convert" to start converting Dailymotion to MP3. The green progress bar will show the conversion completion progress. After the file is converted, you could find it under the "Converted" tab.


Part 3. Convert Dailymotion to MP3 with the Help of Leawo Music Recorder

Besides Leawo Video Converter, Leawo Music Recorder is also a top notch program to directly record audio from videos on Dailymotion. This program supports users to record audio free from both online and local sources with 100% original quality retained. Now let's see how to use this program to record MP3 out from Dailymotion videos.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Music Recorder first

Click to download and then install the program. If you are a Mac user, download the Mac version.


Step 2: Set the audio source

Click the audio source icon on the lower left corner to set audio source. Here we tick "Record Computer Audio" as we are going to record online videos.


Step 3: Set the output audio format

Under the "Format" tab from the menu bar, set MP3 as the output format.


Step 4: Specify a directory to save the output MP3 file

Specify a directory to save the output MP3 under the General tab.


Step 5: Record MP3

Click the record button, then play the video on Dailymotion to start recording MP3. As soon as you finish the recording, hit the button again to end the recording. Up to this moment, you are free to have your own MP3 on your computer.


Part 4. Convert Dailymotion to MP3 with Online Dailymotion to MP3 Converter

Apart from the above two programs, you may also wonder whether there are freeware to convert Dailymotion to MP3 efficiently. The answer is absolutely positive. Convert2mp3, dailymotiontomp3 provides free services to convert Dailymotion to MP3 online without the need to install the software. Now follow below steps to see how they work as an online Dailymotion to MP3 converter. Here I will take dailymotiontomp3 as an example to explain the process.

First click to navigate to the website of dailymotiontomp3, then copy the URL on the text box. Finally click download button to start to download and convert Dailymotion to MP3.


Part 5. Extension: How to download Dailymotion videos with Dailymotion video downloader - Leawo Video Downloader

In the last, let me share with you another powerful program which is also incorporated in the all-in-one app Leawo Prof.Media to download videos online free - Leawo Video Downloader. Note that this built-in downloader is capable of downloading videos from a variety of websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. In this specific case, let's see how to download videos from Dailymotion.

Step 1: Locate the target video from Leawo Video Downloader

Since you have already installed Leawo Video Converter, you can directly launch the program and move to the Download page, on which you can copy the URL to locate the video from Dailymotion.


Step 2: Download the video from Dailymotion to the computer

Click the download icon to start downloading Dailymotion to the computer. Note that there two tabs indicating the downloading progress, Downloading and Downloaded, respectively. After a video is successfully downloaded, you can convert Dailymotion to MP3 freely using the Convert function within the same app.


The above shows several solutions to help you convert Dailymotion to MP3, including a powerful Leawo Video Converter, Leawo Music Recorder, and two online free Dailymotion to MP3 converters. All of them will be very useful to let you get MP3 successfully from Dailymotion. Moreover, in the final extension part, an efficient downloader is introduced to download Dailymotion to MP3 within an all-in-one app-Leawo Prof.Media. Hope this post will be of use to you.