What do you usually do in your spare time? Do you like reading? Nowadays, for many people, reading is a time-consuming thing, because you cannot do anything else when you are reading. When you read a book or a magazine, you need to sit there and stare at the words, and your hands turn pages after pages, at the same time you will also need to imagine the world constructed by the book. But, for those people who are too busy to spend the time reading a physical book, what should they do? Now, the audible books can be a great choice. You don’t have to use your eyes and hands when reading an audible book, that is to say, you can listen to the audible books when you are walking, driving, eating, waiting for a bus, or even doing nothing but lying on the sofa. Phones are great devices for people to use to listen to audible books; in this article we will talk about using audible books apps and the way to buy audible books on iPhone.

Part 1: How to Buy Audible Books on iPhone/iPad

If you use an iPhone, you can purchase audible books from Apple's iBooks Store, but if you don’t know how to do so, the following short guide will show you how to buy audible books on iPhone, when you make a purchase so that you can download an audiobook to your iPhone and start to listen to it. With an iPhone updated to iOS 8.4 or higher, users can browse, listen, and download audible books from iBooks app. Buying audible books through the iBooks is very similar to buying music and movies from Apple's iTunes Store. Besides, all audible books you sync from iTunes to your iOS device will also appear in your iBooks list. Below is the way to buy audible books on iPhone in steps.

Step1. Click the iBooks icon and access the app, go to “Featured” and you will find an option for “Audiobooks” at the top. You can search and browse the audiobooks in different ways showed in the picture.


Step2. You can browse books based on their category, tap the button and a list will present all the categories available. If you want to find an exact book, tap the search bar and type in the name of the author or book.

Step3. When you find an audible book you are interested, click it to see the detailed page, on detailed page you can tap the price button to buy it. The button turns green, and the text in it changes to “BUY AUDIOBOOK” and then click it again to buy the audiobook. You'll need to enter your Apple ID and password to buy audible books on iPhone.


Follow the steps listed and you will get an easy way if you have a question on how do I buy audible books on iPhone. You can play the purchased audible books in the Music app. When you play audible books in iBooks, you are free to adjust the speed as you like, and you can also skip ahead or back for 15 seconds, more importantly, you can control your listening time by setting a sleep timer.

Part 2: Where Can I Find Purchased Audible Books on iPhone

After making purchases for the desired audio books on iPhone, you can enjoy listening to them now, but how to find the purchased audible books? You can tap the “Purchased” icon, and this is one of the tabs along the bottom of the screen, go to “Audiobooks>All Audiobooks”, then you can view them all. If you have purchased many audiobooks, you can also use a different menu, like “Recent Purchases” to view the latest purchase.


Part 3: Get Free Audible Books without Buying on iPhone/iPad

Sometimes, the audible books you find in iBooks are expensive, and maybe you find a cheaper buying option from other platforms or apps. Do you wish to move them to your iPhone? You may ask, how do I buy audible books on iPhone without purchasing it? Actually, you can buy audible books from many audiobook apps and websites, and you can save them on your computer then transfer them to your iOS devices. We can seek help from a third-party transfer tool, Leawo iTransfer. It is highly recommended on this issue if you have no idea how you buy audible books on iPhone. This software is used for transferring files among iOS devices and PCs.

Step1. Launch Leawo iTransfer software, and then connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable. The software will detect your device automatically.

Step2. Go to “iPhone>LIBRARY>Books”, all books are displayed on the right interface. You can click the big “Add File” button to add files, and you are also allowed to drag and drop the books to start transferring audible books from your computer to iPhone. Or click “File > Add > Add File/Add Folder” to add books from a computer file folder.


Step3. After choosing an audible book from your computer, the dialog of the transfer process will show up when the transfer begins. When it finishes, you will find the audible book is added into the window of the software, at the same time, it has been copied to your iPhone, too.


Can you buy audible books on iPhone? Yes, of course you can, but why not get free audible books by using the file transfer tool? With the help of Leawo iTransfer, you can also add other data to your iPhone from your computer, like contacts, videos, music. It not only allows you to add a single file but also a batch of files. If you need a version for Mac computer, it is also available.

Part 4: Top 5 Best Alternative Audible Books Apps on iPhone

Besides iBooks, are there any other audible books apps available for iPhone users? How to buy books on audible app on iPhone? In this part, we will introduce 5 well-performed audible book apps for iPhone.

1. Audible App
How to buy a book on audible app on iPhone? Audible can be the one known by many users. It has world’s largest selection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series. It can display your Audible.com library, which means all the books you’ve purchased from Audible are stored in the cloud. You can download the free Audible app, sign in with your Amazon account, and then choose any book to start listening. The Audible app allows you to choose chapters from books stored in the cloud or device, but not the books you synced via iTunes.

2. Goodreads
The Goodreads is a great site to organize your books, to see what some authors are reading and to find some new books. If you prefer free e-books, Goodreads can be a nice choice. You can find lists of many free e-books from indie and a lot of self-published authors, books for children, public domain classics, audiobooks from Librivox, samples and more.

3. Bookmobile
Can I buy audible books on my iPhone without iBooks? How about a third-party audible book app? Bookmobile can play all kinds of audiobooks. But there’s a limitation, after you try the free version, a 4dollar in-app purchase is needed to unlock all the app’s features. In addition to playing any audiobooks you searched and found, it can also play audiobooks with DRM sold by Audible or Apple Company.

4. Smashwords
You can browse Smashwords’s catalogs of fiction, non-fiction, essays, plays and screenplays. When you search for books, you can filter what you look for by price, special deals and word count. Then find the book you like and choose the file format you preferred to download it. You should note that you might have to turn on the ability to upload a book if you also use Google Play Books or Apple iBooks app. If you don’t do this, the files you download will not probably work. Smashwords offers the option for you to read or listen to books on your browser.

5. BookLending
Like a dating app style, the BookLending also “matches” its users who can help out with someone else’s literary needs. You can create an account with a request to borrow a book or to lend a book. In this app, almost every book is searchable. To borrow an e-book, search the title need, and click the orange “Borrow” button. Once the title becomes available, you will have seven days to accept the loan and 14 days to read the book. After 14 days, the e-book will automatically return to the lender. But if no one has loaned the book or if there is a long list of people who want the book, it could take longer to get the title for a user who needs it.

Still have a question on how do I buy audible books on iPhone? Come on, you don’t have to use iBooks all the way. If you like free audible books, you can choose many other ways to save them to your iPhone rather than to purchase them.