Best Tools to Remove AACS Protection on Blu-ray

In order to prevent them from being copied and sold for commercial use, various multimedia protection technologies have been embedded into those digital contents, for example Blu-ray discs. One of the most common protection technologies you may encounter while playing Blu-ray contents is AACS protection. Are there any good ways…

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Best Permanent Way to Solve Redbox Cinavia Problem

As one of the most popular DVD rental service, Redbox is liked by users all around the world. By simply go to the Redbox rental spot, you can rent movies or games in a casual and easy way. However, sometimes the Redbox could also bring us some troubles with the…

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Best Way to Solve Xbox One Cinavia Problem

Many people do know that PS3 and PS4 do has Cinavia detector which cause a lot of inconvenience for users. Xbox One is one of the devices that is able to detect the Cinavia protection while playing the Blu-ray playbacks. Therefore, if Cinavia protection has been built in the Blu-ray…

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How to Know If There is Cinavia on the Blu-ray?

At the very exciting moment to get access to the climax of the movie, suddenly a prompt-up window appears on the screen showing that your playback is no longer possible now. How do you feel? In order to obtain the more superior picture and audio quality, more people choose to…

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How to Copy Blu-ray to DVD for Free

This post will introduce some free converter to convert Blu-ray to DVD and how to copy Blu-ray to DVD.

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3 ways on how to make your Blu-ray player region free

We have talked about Blu Ray and DVD regions a couple of times now, and the conclusion that we can easily have is that nobody likes this Blu-ray/DVD region thing. With the Blu Ray and DVD region restriction, you can only play a Blu Ray or DVD with the same…

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NVIDIA CUDA technology

NVIDIA GPUs power millions of desktops, notebooks, workstations and supercomputers around the world, accelerating computationally-intensive tasks for consumers, professionals, scientists, and researchers. To deliver better media conversion experience, Leawo’s media converting solutions have been upgraded with NVIDIA CUDA technology, offering improved video encoding/decoding performance (when processing high-definition videos in particular)…

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Top 2 Blu-ray Copy Software to Copy BD50 to BD25 without Quality Loss

"What is the best and easiest way to compress a BD50 movie to BD25 disc? Main Movie and sound only. I used to use DVDShrink to take out the extra features and such on DVD's, is there any great program to help copy BD50 to BD25 disc without quality loss?"…

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