Can I Play 3D Movies on VLC

All too often, people will be interested to know how they can directly play 3D movies on their devices or media players, instead of driving to the theater for 3D enjoyment. With technology evolves, this can be come true with ease thanks to so many brilliant media players, including VLC, one of the most common […]

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Where Can I Download 3D Movies

As one of the most popular ways to kill your leisure time, movies have been greatly welcomed by the public. If you are a movie enthusiast, there must be a topic to be discussed - 3D movies. The three-dimensional stereoscopic film enhances the illusion of depth perception and adds a 3D dimension which gives viewers […]

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How to Make 3D Glasses at Home?

3D technology has been implemented in multiple fields these days, as we can see the wide applications in the consumer sector such as 3D glasses and 3D cinema. Both 3D glasses and 3D cinema aim to provide people with a three-dimensional image that seems more realistic, while an immersive viewing experience is delivered as well. […]

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3D Blu-ray Movie Solutions

3D Blu-ray Movie Solutions Find out the most useful and easiest way to copy and backup your 3D movies. Get the most fullfeatured solutions on creating 3D movies and 3D Blu-ray content. How to Backup 3D Blu-ray Movies on PC Backup 3D Blu-ray content on PC, including 3D Blu-ray disc, movie folder and ISO image […]

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2 Ways to Create 3D Easter Blu-Ray Movie

There’s a lot to ponder on Easter. Like, what should you make for brunch? What are some clever ideas for cute and easy Easter baskets to display at your party? But you don’t have to give the entertainment another thought. Currently, more and more 3D devices and players are emerging in the market. With the […]

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