Audiobooks bring lots of conveniences in spending time listening to our favourite story, it has no time and place limitation, whatever you are cooking or driving or doing others things, audiobooks will take you a fun story to relax. Here we will introduce you best torrent site for audiobooks as below for your reference.

Part 1: Audiobooks vs Reading books

I am pretty sure you are not alien to audiobooks because more or less you have already learned the popularity and convenience of audiobooks, which allow you to listen to on the go. Audiobooks can be contained in audio format and streamed on the computer, mobile devices, or even your television. This brings book “reading” to the next level, meaning that you have many more opportunities to “read” book instead of actually watching and reading on physical or e-books. In fact, your eyes do not need to stare at the book and you can use your ear instead, freeing your eyes from being overused and keeping your mind refreshed with new ideas included in the audiobooks.

Anyway, compared with reading books, audiobooks provide more possibilities for readers to learn knowledge, broaden their vision, and save their time. Honestly, audiobooks allow us to save a great deal of time and we can listen to audiobooks wherever we are, like on the bus, in the car, or even sleeping. When you are cooking, you can also turn on audiobooks and let it read for you. How amazing is that!


Part 2: Best torrent sites for audiobooks

1. Open Culture

This is one of the websites for education and culture, this website collects different contents from online source and own a large number of audiobooks that enjoy wide popularity from the audiences, the key of appealing to the audience to go for it is the classics, the audiobooks from it mainly categorized by the poetry, literature, and fiction and it is listed by the last name of the author alphabetically. You can download the audio books in different formats for your preference.


2. Lit2Go

It offers a better source of audiobooks for free. This website is running based on the Educational Technology Clearinghouse in Florida, it covers a completed set of short stories and the collections of poems which can be downloaded freely, through the title, author and genre as well as the reading level, you can pick up what you prefer conveniently and easily.

Most of the audiobooks are able to be downloaded in MP3 format, also the short passage from the specific charters can also be downloaded as you like. The search option on the homepage of this website is very perfect to make each title and the books collections in white and black, which looks like an artwork to attract our eyes.


3. Scribl

It covers the best audiobooks, most of them are published recently. The audiobooks on this website was distributed by RSS, you just need to click any link of the audiobooks, then the audiobooks can be made to begin to play or download.

Though this resource is limited, you still can pick what you like through the genre, author, title, or the published date. You also can make a donation to the author you like from this website.


4. Loyal Books

As we know the formal books must be free for everyone, Loyal Book is a site which suits for family life, it meets the demand of the classical literature enthusiast. A large number of novels that are related to public fields and the story collections in short passages with different languages are provided on this website. It can be played in the format of MP3 and MP4, it also become available via podcast and RSS. You can browse the chapters on the internet, also you can go through the title according to the genre and popularity as well as the language, or you can search for the books you like via the Google search bar. In addition, the reviews and grade marks from audiences are offered by most of the audiobooks, so that you can know better what you expected before you click the play button.


5. Storynory

If you have no time to read a story book to your kids before sleep, thanks to Storynory, it specially aims at the parents who have no time to read stories for their kids, Storynory is a good solution to this issue, a series of original and classical stories such as fairy tales and the short novels for children are offered by it.

There are hundreds of audio books for great options offered by this website, moreover, the quantity of audio books will be increased gradually, as at least one new story will be released regularly each week. Each story can be played by HTML 5 player, the audio books become available on all platforms such smartphone, browser or the tablet, sometimes the story competitions will be hold by it to encourage your kids’ listening and creating ability.


Above is the best audiobook torrenting sites for you to refer to, hopefully you can benefit from this website and rich your life by listening to your favourite audiobooks from best torrent sites for books.

Part 3: How to download audiobooks via audiobook torrenting sites

Too many times, we would consider downloading audiobooks for offline listening anytime and anywhere we want. For example, when we talk about Open Culture, we learn that we can also have access to quite some free audiobooks, which can be downloaded to your mobile devices for listening to. To do so, you can go and browse the official website of Open Culture and navigate the free audiobook section to download what you like. However, there would not be many choices to you because most audiobooks are paid and downloading audiobooks free can be very difficult to achieve. If you are under budget, I do not recommend you spend money on this. You can choose an alternative to download audiobooks free instead of paying money to download audiobooks.

Part 4: How to record audiobooks to WAV via Music Recorder

If you want to record the audio books to your computer in order to listen to it more conveniently, what would you do to make your recordings in a simple way. Here we will recommend you to use Leawo Music Recorder to complete this task.

Leawo Music Recorder is a professional recording program with easy operation. It can record the audio from multiple sources including built-in input audio, computer audio and online sources, the output format of the recordings is MP3 or WAV. High quality is ensured without data loss. How to record audiobooks to WAV via Music Recorder? Below are the instructions for you to follow:


Leawo Music Recorder 

☉ Record any sound from computer and microphone audio.
☉ Record from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
☉ Schedule music recording via recording task scheduler.
☉ Automatically/manually add tags: artist, album, etc.
☉ Save recordings to either WAV or MP3 format.

1. Run Leawo Music Recorder on your computer, then you will enter the main interface of recording, press the icon button “Audio Source” to make the settings at first, because the audio books should be recorded online, we have to select the option “ Record Computer Audio”.


2. Click the upper arrow button on the top of the main interface to bring out the drop-down list, you will find settings in the list, then click “Settings”.


3. A pane will pop up and then choose “Format”, the output format includes MP3 or WAV, select “WAV” as the audio book output format, also the parameters of the recording files can be set, such as audio codec, bit rate and sample rate.


4. Click the red button “Start” to make the Music Recorder begin to work. Then play the audio books files to start recording. If you want to control the recording start time and duration time, it can be set by clicking “Recording Task Schedule” on the left bottom corner.