iPhone users know Safari the best! With Safari, they can explore the internet and obtain the information they need within clicks! A mobile browser like iOS’s Safari can have an answer for you in seconds. Safari is not merely a search engine but also a comprehensive and powerful assistant to you. It has many more features that can impress you! In this article, we will talk about 6 advanced Safari tricks and tips for you. Besides that, we will also shed some light on how to back up Safari bookmarks efficiently using Leawo iTransfer.

Part 1: Safari vs Chrome

Maybe you will ask what is the difference between Safari and Chrome, the later of which is also a competitive search engine and enjoys public recognition worldwide. Obviously, they are coming from two different developers. Both Chrome and Safari are the web browsers. Chrome is supported and developed by Google while Safari is developed and supported by Apple. Technically speaking, V8 JavaScript engine is used by Chrome having JavaScript execution while LLVM JIT engine is used by Safari for Just-In-Time JavaScript compiling. Benchmark of Safari is better than Chrome.

In terms of privacy protection, Safari has done a better job than Chrome as Chrome collects your information and have a track of your activity. Most people feel uncomfortable with this, me included. This does not mean Chrome is bad. It does have strength on its speed and performance.

Generally speaking, Safari is more suitable for users who favor privacy over speed and for iPhone or iPad users, Safari is a must. Aforementioned, Safari has many powerful and user friendly features that will improve user experience, for example adding Safari bookmarks helps a lot when you search for the same websites all the time. For your information, you can even back up the bookmarks from your iPhone Safari to computers.

Safari vs Chrome

Part 2: 6 advanced Safari tricks that you should know

In the coming section, we will list 6 advanced Safari tricks and tips that you should know in order to make your Safari more user-friendly.

  • 1. Going Private
  • First thing comes first, I know how important privacy means to you. For what you browse on the internet, you would not like to let it out and let third-party apps track down your browser history. However, in this time and big data age, this seems impossible for many web browsers. Safari is different and it can still protect our privacy and keep it just for ourselves. To be honest, Safari’s private browsing feature protects private information and blocks some sites from tracking your behavior. When in Private browsing, Safari won’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill information. This might slow down your browsing speed but this does help protect your private information.

    To enable Private browsing to open a new page and select Private in the bottom menu. You’ll know you’re in private mode when the Safari border turns gray.

    Going Private
  • 2. Add Bookmarks
  • To add a page to your bookmark, tap the Share sheet icon in the toolbar and tap Add Bookmark. When you want to open the favorite site, click the sidebar and favorite sites can be accessed from the opening page of a Safari window. Favorites are also shared across devices if iCloud Sync is enabled. You can also rearrange the icons by long-pressing any one of them, and dragging them to the position you want. If you have a 3D touch device, remember that you don’t press anymore. Just hold your finger on the icon for a second or so to enter toggle mode.

  • 3. Enable ad-blockers
  • Nobody likes ads, especially when ads keep popping up and disturbing the normal browsing experience. It is annoying. It’ll be hard to find many people who enjoy mobile advertisements. I am happy and surprised to hear that Apple was allowing ad-blockers for Safari on most iOS 9 compatible devices. To do so, you can open the App Store and download a content blocker of your choice. Then, go to Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers and enable the blocker you just installed.

  • 4. Viewing recently browsed sites
  • One of the Safari tricks to apply is you can enable viewing recently browsed tabs easily. If you want to view all of your recently closed tabs, tap the Tab icon, followed by holding the + icon. This will bring you to the Recently Closed Tabs list. Click on any link in the list and you will be right back where you left.

  • 5. Smart search
  • This is a smart feature for Safari tricks. There is nothing you need to set up. Simply type in an URL, phrase, or word and Smart Search will show you the relevant internet information it can find. Safari has a built-in smart search feature that tries to find you the most relevant links and searches based upon the text you enter in the search field. It is simply like it can read your mind! Really amazing!

    Smart search
  • 6. Swipe to go back and forward
  • This Safari trick is impressive and cool! Instead of tapping on the back button in the bottom menu. You can slide your finger from right to left to go forward and left to right to go back between pages. You cannot find the bottom menu easily at the bottom area, but swiping to go back and forward is intuitive and it is definitely a cool and faster way to move from page to page.

    Swipe to go back and forward

    Part 3: How to backup Safari bookmarks efficiently

    You are reading exactly the right thing for how to improve Safari right now! There are so many other Safari tricks and tips that will help as well. To some extent, you will get the most when you use it and study it all the time. Like what we have introduced, adding bookmarks on Safari is efficient to help you keep a lot of valuable and frequently used websites in case you need to browse them. As we know, we may have many different devices and we will need to keep our bookmarks in parallel and accessible on all devices. How can we achieve that easily? A simple solution will be given by Leawo iTransfer, a professional and compact app that can transfer many kinds of files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. Leawo iTransfer is helpful for backing up iPhone, iPad and iPod (touch) files to computer. It makes the iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash drives so that users can put anything they want into their iOS devices.

    For instance, if you are going to back up what you have on iPhone Safari to your computers, you can use Leawo iTransfer to achieve the job within clicks.

    Step 1: Download and install the app

    Click the button below to download and install the intuitive app to your computer. Launch the app when installation is done.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer

    Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. The app will intuitively detect the iPhone and you can click the device on the app. All data on iPhone will be shown on the library.

    Connect the iPhone to the computer

    Step 3: Select target files to transfer

    Click on the file category on the left pane, where you will see the Bookmarks option. Click and check the box on the right window, which means you will select and transfer these files later. Right-click and choose Export.

    Select target files to transfer

    Step 4: Set a directory to save the file on your computer

    On the displayed window when you click Export, you will be asked to set a directory to save the output file. Specify a directory and click Save to proceed. This process takes a few minutes depending on how many files to transfer. When it is done, you will have the bookmark backup in your computer.

    Set a directory


    Apparently, finding ways to improve Safari experience on iPhone or other devices is not difficult. We can rely on Safari tricks and tips to make it behave on the way we prefer. For example, we can make it go private if we want to keep things only to ourselves though it slows down the browsing efficiency a little bit. Compared to privacy, we can wait a bit rather than letting privacy be intruded by any third-party apps. Moreover, we can add favorites easily by clicking the share sheet button on the upper right, and we can customize the bookmarks so that we can browse our favorite sites within clicks. This improves Safari and also browsing efficiency. By talking about adding bookmarks, we can also make it parallel and accessible on all devices by transferring bookmarks from one device to others and share mutually. Leawo iTransfer is what we recommend to do the job. It is intuitive and powerful to transfer all kinds of data from one device to another losslessly. You can rely on it to help you synchronize the bookmarks from iPhone to computers or from iPhone to another iOS device or even iTunes.