Leawo Free Blu-ray Player for Mac Preferences Settings

By clicking the button on the main interface, or clicking “Leawo Blu-ray Player > Preferences” on the top-left corner of the menu bar, you could enter the program preferences settings panel. The preferences settings cover: Playback, Video output, Audio output, DVD Blu-ray, Subtitles, International, Snapshot, Skin, Power Manager, and General.

1. Playback settings

The "Playback" settings tab allows you to set: Render method, Adjust display refresh rate to match video, Pause during refresh rate change, Sync playback to display, Allowed error in aspect ratio to minimize black bars, Display 4:3 video in different aspect ratios, Activate Teletext, Scale Teletext to 4:3 or not, etc.

2. Video output settings

"Video output" settings panel allows you to set the Display Mode from Windowed or Fullscreen.

3. Audio output settings

You could set Audio output, Speaker Configuration, Boost volume level on downmix, Output stereo to all speakers, Audio output device, Play GUI sounds, etc. under the "Audio output" settings panel.

4. DVD Blu-ray settings

The "DVD Blu-ray" settings panel allows you to determine whether or not to Play DVD/Blu-ray automatically, set Forced BD player region, and skip introduction before DVD/Blu-ray menu or not.

5. Subtitles settings

You could open the "Subtitles" settings panel to do subtitle related settings, including: Font, Size, Style, Color, Character set, Override ASS/SSA subtitles fonts, Subtitle folder and Subtitle location, etc.

6. International settings

The "International" settings refer to the program interface Language, Region, Character set, Preferred audio language, and Preferred subtitle language.

7. Snapshot settings

The "Snapshot" setting panel enables you to set the Snapshot format and Save Path for snapshots you captured within Leawo Free Blu-ray Player.

8. Skin settings

The "Skin" settings panel allows you to set the program skin. You could select from provided Skin themes, or click to Enable custom background and then upload your own image from local drive.

9. Power Manager settings

Open the "Power Manage" tab to view Power status and click to Enable battery protect. You will be more aware of the laptop’s battery status if you enable battery protect.

10. General settings

The "General" settings panel lets you learn more about Leawo Free Blu-ray Player for Mac. You could view the program version, get help, visit the online user guide, report bug, check for update, and translate the program into other languages.

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