A multi region player is a DVD player that is capable of playing any DVD from anywhere in the world. DVD discs are split into 6 regions (regions 0-6) in the world and Blu-Ray discs are split into 3 regions in the world (regions A B C). A disc from one region is compatible with a player made to play discs from a different region, unless you have one of region free players. To choose the best multi region DVD player, you should not only look the brand and price, but also the multifunction, stability, durability and the convenience it brings to you. In this article, we came up with the most popular models available on the market.

If you don’t want to spend money on those heavy multi region DVD player devices, download a free multi region DVD player software would be much easier. It enables you to watch any encoded DVDs and CSS-encrypted DVD movies on your computer for free.

Let’s begin with the totally free multi region DVD player–Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Leawo Blu-ray Player


multi region dvd player

Powered with advanced technology, it can overcome the disc region code restriction and protection to make Blu-ray discs region free. Leawo Blu-ray Player also enables you to play and watch Blu-ray, DVD, ISO, up to 1080P HD videos and audio files on your iMac or MacBook without quality loss. Designed as free and all-region Blu-ray player, it plays back all Blu-ray discs, folders and ISO files, regardless of disc regions and protections.

Sumsung DVD-E360

multi region dvd player

Sumsung DVD-E360 multi region DVD player is one of the top sellers and most reliable low end mode. This region free DVD Player is modified to play all regions 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 0 DVDs. It also has a built-in PAL/NTSC converter which allows it to play PAL/NTSC DVDs on any TV.

Toshiba SD705

multi region dvd player

Playable Disc Types DVD-Video, DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW , DVD -/+R (DL), SVCD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW. It plays any REGION, ZONE, COUNTRY DVD on any TV and anywhere. This player does not need a multi-system TV or an external video converter – High power built-in video converter allows playback of PAL movies on a NTSC TV or NTSC movies on a PAL TV. Basically this DVD player will play any region DVD movie on any TV in the world! It supports DVD Region Playback – Region 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and all.

Sony DVPSR210P

multi region dvd player

This is an amazing DVD player with an ultra slim and sleek design, ideal for installing near the TV! The player can be used to play DVDs, CDs, MPEG, MP3 and many other formats. Energy Star certified, this DVD player includes a user-friendly multi brand TV remote control for easy video management. The device includes different sets of connectivity ports like Component video output, Composite video output and Digital audio output.

Phillips DVP 2880

multi region dvd player

Phillips DVP 2880/F7 multi region 1080p HDMI upscaling DVD player owns the ability to play all regions DVDs, PAL/NTSC DVDs on American TV and upconverts them up to 1080p resolution with HDMI cable. It is compact and trouble free only the red signal light is a bit confusing.

The above four amazing multi region DVD players are all available to be purchased on the market. Obviously the price aren’t cheap and they are not portable to travel with you. If you can’t rip your DVD content to save on your hard disk, a better choice it to install a free multi region DVD player software on your portable computer, so you can play all region DVDs anywhere you want.

Here you can find the user guide for Launch Leawo Blu-ray Player to play all region DVDs.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Blu-ray Player and enter the program settings panel.

After you download and install Leawo Blu-ray Player, kick it off. On the main interface, you could see a gear button on the bottom right corner, by clicking which you could enter the program settings panel.

multi region dvd player

Step 2. Change Blu-ray region

Entering the program settings panel, go to “DVD & Blu-ray – Forced BD player region” to change the Blu-ray player region code to suite your Blu-ray discs.

multi region dvd player

Step 3. Load Blu-ray discs for playback. Then, go back to the main interface and select Blu-ray discs or DVD for playback.

multi region dvd player

So, don’t hesitate! Start to give it a try!