3D is becoming more popular than ever. If before you can only enjoy a 3D movie in cinema on the weekend nights, now you can watch it at home on your computer anytime you want, with a 3D glass of course. Some TVs even allows you to watch 3D contents without 3D glasses, but that’s another story.

Today we are mainly discussing some video player apps on your computer desktop which are able to play 3D video contents either from the saved files in your computer or from the Blu-ray/DVD drive.

What’s exactly is 3D? In contrast to 2D, 3D means three-dimensional computer graphics. 3D in general is quite complicated and can be analyzed from many different aspects, usually we use 3D depth and 3D mode as two most important measurements.

3D depth: all the depth adjustment actually does is to move the left and right images with respect to each other.

An object with a lot of pop-out is one where the left and right images do not align closely. But if you are too close to the screen your eyes will simply not be able to “integrate” the result to make sense. But if you adjust the 3D depth so that the popped-out object is now more closely aligned then everything else will be out of whack. So pretty much it is rarely a good idea to change the 3D adjustment.

What you can do (which works a lot better) is to adjust how far away you are from the screen. But as your brain learns how to cope with TV 3D (so to speak) you will find that you can get a bit closer again.

3D mode(color channels): Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved and Side by Side. 3D images usually use different combinations of color channels. Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue and Blue/Yellow are the most common and popular four combinations of color channel. The chart below will show you how these channels work with our eye.

Combinations of Color Channel

Left Eye

Right Eye

Red/Cyan Pure Red Pure Cyan(Green + Blue)
Red/Green Pure Red Pure Green
Red/Blue Pure Red Pure Blue
Blue/Yellow Pure Blue Pure Yellow

If you search 3D effect related topics online, you will discover a lot of online tools and programs to teach you how to add 3D effect, or how to edit 3D effect or how to convert 2D video to 3D, rarely you will find something that supports the original 3D video import and playback directly inside the program on your computer.

List Some Best 3D Video Players

KMPlayer — is one of the most famous media player that can play 3D video contents. It has its own video and audio codecs pre-installed so it can play almost all the media files without the extra codecs. KMPlayer is a perfect choice for 3D video playback if you are new to the codec thing or if your computer has a low CPU but you still want to have the smooth 3D watching experience.

best 3d players

Bino Player — a multi-display video player with support of stereoscopic 3D video in a wide variety of input and output formats. Other advanced features include scriptability, automatic support for high precision color input and output, and support for using two camera devices simultaneously.

best 3d players

3D Video Player — this is a multi-media 3D video player which enables you to watch any movie or video in HQ 3D format on-the-go. Choose either side by side 3D or classic anaglyph red cyan 3D as the output format and click 3D button to activate 3D mode. Achieve maximum 3D effect in red cyan 3D mode by manually adjusting 3D Shift and 3D Depth.

best 3d players

Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter Preview Function

Literally it’s not a 3D video player but some of the features of it are able to let you watch 3D video playback inside this program. Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter has a flagship feature to losslessly 1:1 convert Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray to MKV, without any coding and decoding process, and that’s why the original 3D effect can be retained and previewed before the conversion.


best 3d players

Leawo Blu-ray Copy Preview Function

Pretty much like the method mentioned above, Leawo Blu-ray Copy is another alternative for 3D video playback via Preview function. It supports 1:1 3D Blu-ray disc duplication in shrink mode, which is one of the most useful ways to keep the original 3D effect intact. The preview window is actually as big as a regular player, so you won’t feel anything uncomfortable during the 3D video playing and watching process.


best 3d players

The last words, it’s not a bad idea at all to use something else which can play 3D videos in kind of indirect ways rather than a real 3D video player. Especially if you want to convert or backup the 3D video playing to other formats later, then those indirect approaches are the best cause you won’t have to shift from one program to another to play first and convert later. Enjoy the 3D world and hope you find this useful.