iPhone battery life is always an issue even after a major iOS update, and it doesn’t come up with a perfect solution in iOS 9. iPhone and iPad users are starting to complain about the battery drain after updating to iOS 9, and even the latest iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 users also come up with similar problem.

When encountering battery life problem on iOS 9, users will have several tricks to improve battery life. The following post will introduce several tips to help users to improve battery life after updating to iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad.

Improve Battery Life After Updating to iOS 9

Tip 1. Turn on Low Power Mode

This is a new feature in iOS 9, and it is said that when Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery life will last 1 hour longer than the normal mode. When you are always worrying about using up the battery life on your iPhone, Low Power Mode is a good choice. But note that Low Power Mode will reduce the brightness and shut down the effects in iPhone or apps which may drain the battery life.

Tip 2. Turn Off Keychain in iCloud

This is a most popular trick to improve iPhone battery life, but haven’t been proved by Apple. People only need to Tap Settings > iCloud and turn off Keychain on their device, and check out whether the battery life still drains. Of course, you can always turn Keychain back on if you think it has nothing to do with the iPhone battery life.

Tip 3. Manage iPhone Display Manually

iPhone users can go to Settings > Display and Brightness, and turn off Auto-Brightness. Auto-Brightness will adjust the brightness of iPhone display in accordance with the environments. Sometimes this feature helps, but sometimes it sets the display too bright, and waste extra brightness on iPhone. Therefore, even after updating to iOS 9, people should manually manage the display brightness to improve iPhone battery life.

Tip 4. Check out Which Apps Eat Your Battery Life

iOS 9 brings Low Battery Mode and Battery Usage to help users manage their iPhone battery more easily. iPhone users can tap Settings > Battery and have a look at the Battery Usage, and check out what apps are eating up your battery life. If the app isn’t the one you often use, you can delete it without hesitation; if it is an often used app, you update it to the latest version to make it compatible with iOS 9, maybe it will help to improve iPhone battery life.

Tip 5. Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh will help iPhone users to get the latest information in the apps anytime, but this continuous background working of many apps will lead to battery drain. So users can go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and turn off the feature for the apps which you don’t want them to refresh in background.

Tip 6. Reset iPhone/Restore iPhone

Well, if you still can’t improve iPhone battery life after trying the tricks above, you’ll need to do something drastic. Resetting iPhone won’t bring any loss of your iPhone data, and you only need to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button until you see the Apple logo. If this one does little help, you can erase all content and settings on your iPhone, and restore it from an iTunes or iCloud backup. Maybe this will a little help to improve iPhone battery life.

Hopefully, these tricks help to improve iPhone battery life after updating to iOS 9. If all of these tricks don’t help, maybe it’s time to take your iPhone to Apple Store and let the workers diagnose it to see whether there is a problem with the iPhone hardware.