Recording screen in iOS has never been an easy thing to do for iOS device users. People who wanted to record their iPhone or iPad’s screen will have to jailbreak their devices first. But that’s no longer the case on iOS 11. On iOS 11 screen recording is easy as Apple’s put in a screen recorder in it. To record screen iOS 11 users only need to simply tap the screen recording button. To have a more thorough understanding of this screen recorder iOS 11 just got, check out the content below.

How to Enable the Shortcut of the iOS 11 Screen Recorder

The shortcut key of the iOS 11 screen recorder is placed in the Control Center, if you can’t find it in the Control Center, go to settings and enable it first. Here’s how:

Go to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls, scroll down and tap on the green plus button on the Screen Recording option to enable the shortcut key to the iOS 11 record screen feature in Control Center.

Screen recording iOS 11

How to Record Screen on iOS 11

If you’ve had the Screen Recorder button in the Control Center or you’ve added it to Control Center, here’s how to screen record on iOS 11 using this new iOS 11 screen recorder.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to call out the Control Center, or on iPhone X, swipe down from the top right corner. And in the Control Center, tap on the screen recorder icon which looks like a circle with a big dot in the center. After a countdown of 3 seconds, the screen recording will begin and the status bar will turn red.

Screen recording iOS 11

To stop the screen recording, call out the Control Center and tap on the screen recorder icon again. Or if you are using an iPhone with a physical Home button, you can press the Home button to stop the recording.

Screen recording iOS 11

Note: If you want to record your voice when you are recording the screen, long press the screen recorder icon before you start recording and there would be an option for you to turn on your microphone during the screen recording process. And then you will be able to record your voice when recording the screen.

Screen recording iOS 11

After you stop recording the screen, the screen recording video will be saved to the Photos app. After you find the video in the Photos app, you can start to edit it. For example, you can choose to trim the video and cut out the unwanted or unsatisfactory part like the beginning or the end of the video.

Note: There are some apps that doesn’t allow screen recording(like Netflix), which means when you have those apps running, the screen recorder won’t be able to record the screen. So you’d better make sure that the app you are trying to record allows screen recording before you start the screen recording iOS 11. Most of the time people use screen recorder to record their gameplay to share with others online, there should be a problem for the iOS 11 screen recorder to record a game but to make sure that it works when you are playing the game, you’d better give it a test run before you officially start recording your gameplay on iOS 11.

If you want to further edit the video, you can choose to transfer the video to your computer and use professional computer programs to edit your iOS 11 screen recording. Here’s one practical data transfer program you can try: Leawo iTransfer, it’s a practical piece of data transfer software which allows you to transfer 12 different kinds of files between your iOS device, PC and iTunes library. And unlike iTunes which could take a long time to learn how to use, Leawo iTransfer is super easy to use. Even a novice at iPhone or Apple products can easiy learn how to use it. And the data transfer speed is guaranteed to be fast.


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