ITunes audiobooks have become more and more popular among people who are interested in listening to audiobooks instead of reading books line by line or watching video clips. This trending phenomenon leads to a huge audiobook market as well as its peripheral markets related to audiobooks, one of which is about the multimedia tool that is developed to convert audiobooks to more universal formats. If you happen to have no idea about which program is suitable for you to convert iTunes audiobooks to mp3 or else, or wonder how to listen to iTunes audiobook on Android devices, this post is exactly what you expect to get and will be of significant help to you as one of the most professional programs, Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate, is going to be introduced and recommended in details here. Read through this post and you will get what you need.

Part 1: Why can’t listen to iTunes audiobooks on android devices directly

As you may already know, almost all videos, audiobooks, or music available on iTunes are protected by DRM, a protection mechanism applied by Apple on its OS X systems and devices including but not limited to iPhone, iPad, etc. This protects copyright and ensures a fair proprietary for media providers, but in the meanwhile, it leads to lots of troubles when users need to play iTunes audiobooks on Android devices, let alone iTunes videos and music. The best solution to solve this issue is to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks and convert it to mp3. Speaking of this, an audiobook DRM removal program is required.

Part 2: Recommendation of Professional iTunes Audiobooks to Android converter

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate is highly recommended here to make it possible to listen to audiobooks on Android devices without much trouble. This program is developed by a leading multimedia tool developer–Leawo Software, and it is specialized in removing DRM from iTunes videos, audiobooks, and music and make them mp3 simultaneously. Three modules, namely video, audiobook, and music are placed independently on the program user interface, making this program very neat and clear to use. To meet global users’ requirements, this program supports 12 languages, namely simplified/traditional Chinese, English, Dutch, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Denmark, and Portuguese. The multilingual services offer a customized user interface for users in that specific country. What’s more, the output file quality is perfectly retained at 1:1 as the original file, without compromising on quality. In the following part, a tutorial guide will be given to assist you in putting iTunes audiobooks on Android devices.


Part 3: How to play iTunes audiobooks on android with the help of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate

This step-by-step instruction is based on the idea to convert DRM-protected iTunes audiobooks to Android devices using Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate.

Step 1: Add iTunes audiobook to the program.

Click Add Files to import audiobook to the audiobook module.


Step 2: Set a directory to save the output file.

At the bottom area of the user interface, specify a directory to save the output file.


Step 3: Edit the file.

Before converting DRM audiobooks to Android phones/tablets, click the editing icon to set parameters, namely channel, sampling rate, and bit rate for the output file.


Step 4: Remove DRM and convert DRM-free audiobook to mp3.

Click the “Convert” button to remove DRM first and convert the DRM-free audiobook to mp3 at the same time. The green progress bar shows the completion progress for reference.


Note: A window may pop up to let you trust the computer. Just enter your Apple ID and password to proceed.


Step 5: Check for converted files.

Click the “Converted” tab to check for the converted files, where you can play or transfer the mp3 files to Android devices for enjoying iTunes audiobooks on Android devices.


It is extremely fast to convert iTunes audiobooks to MP3 for playback on Android phone or tablet with the help of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate. This program is specialized in removing DRM from iTunes videos, audiobooks, and music, leading to DRM-free audiobooks on Android phone or tablet. In terms of output quality, this program uses the most advanced technology to ensure 1:1 file quality as authentic and clear as the original file. To satisfy international users’ language needs, as many as 12 languages are supported and applied to customized user interfaces. With this program, how to play iTunes audiobooks on Android devices is no longer a problem. Users are allowed to listen to audiobooks on Android devices as much as they want, as removing DRM from Apple videos, audiobooks, and music is totally free. Given so many advantages and convenience, this program is absolutely the best solution for iTunes audiobook DRM removal. A trial version is available but I strongly suggest you install a registered version as all features are available for registered users.