YouTube or WAV, which do you prefer? Some people prefer the former, because they can enjoy both of the pictures and voice. On the contrary, some other people prefer the latter. In fact, choosing YouTube or WAV depends on your demands. Just image you are in the subway surrounded by people at rush hours, it is so crowded that you do not even need an armrest at all, let alone play your mobile phones and watch your favorite unfinished YouTube. At that moment, how desirous you are for the voice of the YouTube so that you can close eyes and enjoy the same content just by using an earphone! Also, some electronic equipments do not support YouTube, but you still want to enjoy the WAV. Thus, questions come: How to convert YouTube to WAV quickly? How to extract WAV from YouTube? The contents below present effective solutions.

Part 1: How to Convert YouTube to WAV by Format Factory

Format Factory can support almost all types of multimedia formats, it can also support nearly sixty kinds of languages. Now, let us talk about how to convert YouTube to WAV.

1. Download Format Factory on the website.
2. Open "Format Factory" software, the "video, Audio , picture, Document, ROM Device\DVD\CD\ISO and Advanced "are on the left sidebar.

convert youtube to wav with format factory

3. Click "Audio", use the mouse to drag the scroll bar and you will find the "WAV".

convert youtube to wav with format factory

4. First click "WAV", then click "Add File" to choose YouTube video for adding. Take "Prison Break" for example.

convert youtube to wav with format factory

5. After selecting "Prison Break", you can click "Output Folder" to choose some recently used saving location. If you want to choose a specified location, just click "Change". When all are done, click "OK".

convert youtube to wav with format factory

6. Click the red "Start", the converting process will take a few seconds. Please wait patiently.

convert youtube to wav with format factory

Part 2: Convert YouTube to WAV by Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a video file converter for you to convert videos and audios between all popular formats such as AVI, MP4, MP3 and so on. It offers powerful editing features to add special effects. Setting parameters of output profile is feasible as well within this video converter software. With user-friendly interface and super-fast conversion, you make video and audio conversion easy and fast. The following steps can help you.


Video Converter 

☉ Convert video and audio between all formats.

☉ Trim, Crop, Effect, Watermark to edit video.

☉ Support 2D to 3D conversion.

☉ Add external subtitle and select audio channel.

Download Windows  Download Mac

How to Convert YouTube to WAV with Leawo Video Converter

Download and install this YouTube to WAV converter on your computer and then launch it to get prepared for converting YouTube to WAV.

Step 1: Load YouTube videos

Open" Leawo Prof. Media " software, and click "Convert" tab or "Video Converter" to enter the Convert function module. Click "Add Video" button and choose your wanted YouTube videos for adding. You could also directly drag and drop source YouTube videos into the "Convert" panel.


Step 2: Select WAV as Output Format

Enter the "Profile" panel by going to drop-down box before the big green "Convert" button and taping on Change. Then select WAV from "Format > Common Audio" group as the target output format.

Select  Output Format

Step 4: Edit Video and Audio Settings

Next to the big green "Converter", there is a subtitle, you can click the subtitle and click "Edit" to go to "Profile Settings" to choose the parameters of the output files. You can freely adjust the Size, Quality and Aspect Ratio.

Edit Video and Audio Settings

Step 5: Convert YouTube to WAV

Click the big green "Convert" button and select a proper saving location in the "Save to" box, then cClick white "Convert" at the bottom.

Convert AC3 files to MP4

As described above, both can support nearly all types of multimedia formats and support many kinds of language. Compared with "Format Factory", Leawo Video Converter has many advantages: First, the operation interface looks comfortable and attractive. The function module is easy to distinguish and the interface color contributes to eyesight protect. Second, it is more convenient to use. From operating steps above, we can easily find some operating shortcuts. Third, the converting speed is much faster. In a word, if you are interested in Leawo Video Converter and want to explore more miracle functions, just free download and try it, the trip is waiting for you.