Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more convenient. It has penetrated into every aspect of our lives and has provided many conveniences for our study and entertainment. Many people like to use computer to download the movie or other video on the Internet because it saves time and money. They don’t have to go to the cinema so that they can enjoy movies on their computer or mobile devices. However, not all the videos downloaded from the Internet can be played on such devices. If you find the video you download is in the RM format, you might find that it can’t be stream directly to most mobile devices like iPod or PSP. And then you’ll ask me here, how to solve this problem? Is there any method to convert RM to MP4 which can be widely supported by many mobile devices? Today in this post, I will tell you two solutions to convert RM to MP4.

Part 1: What is RM?

First we need to know a little bit about what is the RM format. “.RM” is the extension of RealMedia, a proprietary multimedia container format created by RealNetworks. By the way, “.RMVB” is also known to be developed by RealNetworks. In order to achieve low-speed Internet video files for real-time transmission and playback, RM format can be based on different rates of network data transmission to develop different compression ratio. It mainly includes RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash and typically used in conjunction with RealVideo and RealAudio and is used for streaming content over the Internet.

We can easily notice that RM format is often used for video streaming on the Internet, but RM format video is not very suitable for playing on other devices such as PSP or Apple devices. And it’s not hard to see there are just a few devices support RM format. In other words, only a few multimedia players support of RealMedia, like RealPlayer and the Real Alternative codec pack. Compared to RM, MP4 format can be more widely supported by most devices. Therefore, a RM to MP4 converter is necessary if we need to watch some video downloaded on the Internet via other devices.

Part 2: Convert RM to MP4 with RM to MP4 Converter – Leawo Video Converter

From above we have known the reason why we need to convert RM to MP4. Now in this part I’d like to introduce the best RM to MP4 converter to you-Leawo Video Converter.

Leawo Video Converter is one of the most famous video converters around the world, and it’s popular with all kinds of users for its multi-functions and convenient operation. As an all-in-one video converter, Leawo Video Converter is widely used for almost all video conversion works as it supports various video/audios like MP4, WMV, MKV, 3GP, RM and so on, definitely it can help you to accomplish the RM to MP4 conversion without any quality loss.

So what I’m going to do is to show you how to use Leawo Video Converter to convert RM to MP4. And now you are recommended to download and install Leawo Video Converter first.


Step 1: Import source RM video files

After installation, open the Leawo Video Converter and enter the main interface. Click the “Add Video” button on the left edge of the interface and then you can import source RM video files.


Step 2: Call out the drop down menu for choosing the target format.

Click the button on the right of the “Add Photo” button, and then you can call out the drop down menu which you can use to select the output format.


Step 3: Choose MP4 as the output format.

On the “Profile” interface, you can choose “MP4 Video” from “Common Video” tab under “Format”. Or you can directly search “MP4″ in the search box on the left side.


Step 4: Convert RM to MP4

Set the output file on the popup sidebar by clicking the green “Convert” button. It won’t take you lots of time on waiting for the conversion. After that, click the “Convert” button at the bottom to start converting RM to MP4.


Part 3: Convert RM to MP4 with RM to MP4 online converter

If you don’t like download and install program and prefer to accomplish the RM to MP4 conversion online. There is also some RM to MP4 converters online to help you. Here are some RM to MP4 converters online could be recommended to you.

All three of these RM to MP4 coverters online that I mentioned are very easy-to-use. So what comes next is that I will take one of these three converters – Convertio as an example to show you how to use RM to MP4 converter online to convert RM to MP4.

Step 1: Upload RM-file(s)

Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page.

Step 2: Choose “to MP4″

Choose MP4 or any other format you need as a result under “Output format” drop-down list.

Step 3: Download your MP4

Click the big red “Convert” button to start converting RM to MP4. Once finished, you can download your MP4 file right afterwards.


It is very easy for everyone to use MP4 to MPG converters online for converting RM to MP4, but it requires files uploading and downloading, which means you need to access to internet when you are using an online MP4 to MPG converter, representing that you will waste more time on downloading the output file. As far as I am concerned, Leawo Video Converter is better than RM to MP4 Converter Online because it has a more stable performance and convenient operation. Therefore, Leawo Video Converter could be the better choice for you to convert RM to MP4.