For editing on some video editing programs like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, you will need convert a video file in AVI to DV format quickly and easily. And fortunately, there are a variety of video converters available on the market which supports almost all the common types of inputs and outputs based on fast conversion speed. The AVI to DV converters provide both online solution and software solution.

Know about AVI and DV

AVI format, introduced by Microsoft, is a multimedia container which contains both audio and video data in a file container. It can also allow synchronous audio-with-video playback. However, it is not friendly across Apple Mac system and cannot be unreadable to Avid and Adobe Premiere. On the contrast, DV is a format for recording and playing back digital video, which is supported by the editing programs including iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere. To enjoy the videos more, it is often necessary for you to convert AVI to DV. And due to the online solution and software solution, you can easily change AVI to DV. Here comes the detail that must be helpful.

Solution 1: Convert AVI to DV with free AVI to DV online

Office-Converter is one of the most popular and prevailing online converters which can convert AVI to DV free with simple steps. As an AVI to DV Converter free, it can not only convert the downloaded AVI videos but also convert the unloaded videos with just URL. Besides, it allows you to set the options for simple editing the video. Here comes the guide.

STEP 1: Upload your AVI Video you want to convert to DV or enter URL of the AVI Video you want to convert to DV

STEP 2: Click “Start to Convert” or “Download and Convert”, the AVI Videos will be uploaded soon and converted in a few minutes.


Solution 2: Convert AVI to DV with best AVI to DV converter- Leawo Video Converter

Except for the online AVI to DV Converter free, there is another solution to convert AVI to DV with best AVI to DV converter program Leawo Video Converter. Frankly speaking, Leawo Video Converter is commonly regarded as the best converter for over 180 video and audio formats, which is empowered to convert AVI to DV free with the trial version. With fast speed, it cannot only simply edit the AVI video and can keep the original quality of the video. By following the guide below, you can achieve AVI to DV conversion in minutes.

Guide to convert AVI to DV step by step with Leawo Video Converter

Before converting AVI to DV you need download Leawo Video Converter and install it on your PC. Then you can launch it to convert AVI to DV free with the guide below.


STEP 1: Add AVI videos to the converter

Click “Add” button on the main panel of the converter to browse and select the AVI videos you want to convert. Or you can simply drag and drop the AVI video to the program.

Note: you can make several video files into one with the function of “Merge all files into one”.


Note: If you are willing to merge several video files into one, you can click the “Merge all files into one” button next to the big green Convert button, which will help you achieve this at once.

STEP 2: Choose DV as the output format

After importing the source AVI videos, you can open the drop-down box in the middle of the menu bar to call out the “Profile” panel, where you can choose “DV” as the output format under the “Format” option.


STEP 3: Edit the Video Parameters

Back to the main panel, open the drop-down box again and choose “Edit” option to enter the panel where you can set the video parameters.


STEP 4: Set the Output Directory for the Video

After finishing the video settings, return to the main panel, now you can click the green “Convert” button to pop up a sidebar on which you are required to set the directory path in the “Save to” box. And you will find your converted videos there.


STEP 5: Start Converting AVI to DV

When you complete the directory setting, you can now click the “Convert” icon on this sidebar to start convert AVI to DV. And the conversion will be finished in a few minutes aromatically. And you can get your videos in DV and you can enjoy it in editing as you like.


When the converter software finishes the FLV to Adobe Premiere supported MP4, you could find the output video file where you saved and import the video to Adobe Premiere as you like.

Extension: Leawo Video Converter VS. office-converter

Since the two solutions are mentioned here, you may have been confused which one to choose. I’d like to say that they are both has their own features and you can find which is more suitable for you based on the comparison chart below.

Comparison Leawo Video Converter Office-converter
  • 1. Software installation is required;
  • 2. Video Editing like trimming, watermarking, cropping, 2D to 3D, etc. is offered;
  • 1. Online converter without installation;
  • 2. Video editing only for time cutting and DV format provided
  • Video downloaded in your PC
  • Both downloaded and online videos
  • 6X Fast speed
  • Fast
  • Video quality 100% Reserved
  • Not Guaranteed
  • Work in your own PC and Privacy Guaranteed
  • Work online without Privacy guarantee
  • No limitation for Full Version
  • Maximum size in 50 MB, Member for 1G
  • Free for Trial, Low Cost for Pro
  • Free

Anyway, both the two solutions mentioned here can help you a lot. When you are in need to convert AVI to DV free online without downloading, you can choose the AVI to DV Converter free Online-converter, and when you want to convert the AVI videos in large size and in private, you’d better make use of Leawo Video Converter. And for the coming demand for converting other formats such as AVI to MP4, MKV, FLV, etc., you are recommended to install this converter.