This tutorial article is mainly discussing the followings:

Part 1. Brief Introduction of CD, ISO

CD represents mini laser tray, which is a general terminology for all CD media format. Nowadays, there are CD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, picture CD, CD-I, video CD, etc on the market. Most people are familiar with Audio CD within multiple CD formats, which is a standard CD format used to save audio signal pathway like music or songs. CD is the abbreviation of compact disk. The first commercial CD player was developed on October 1,1982, which revealed the prelude of digital audio revolution. CD player remains the touchable link that connects the past to future.

In the mean time, the expanded file is usually ISO for those disk mirror image file format that meets the standard for ISO 9660. There are a lot of advantages of ISO files, which will be presented at below.

1. ISO file can run directly at hard drive with the speed up to 200X.

2. ISO file can saved to MO disk, which means carrying MO disk could realize the coexistence of MO disk and optical disk.

3. ISO file is very easy for management. If you copy thousands of files to hard disk, it would be hard to perform because it can not be done properly. And deletion would be a problem since most of optical disk software requires to run at CD driver. Fortunately, this virtual CD driver solve those problems once and for all.

4. With professional compression methods and instant decoding algorithmic, ISO file’s compression ratio can up to 50%. And it will automatically decoding which makes playing without distortion.

That is why there is so many people convert audio CD to ISO.

Part 2. How to Convert Audio CD to ISO

Extract audio from CD

To extract audio from CD, the best way is to get help from third party software like 4Musics CD Ripper. Just simply drag & drop CD file to this app, then set the output information, which is super easy to operate.

convert audio cd to iso

Convert audio to video using Leawo Video Converter

Have you ever tried to convert audio to video? If so, you will find the easiest method to do so here below.

Actually, all you need to do is a powerful app that could do the trick. Here recommend Leowo Video Converter. It can convert audio to video with professional ability.

Import the converted video to Leawo DVD Creator and burn it to ISO


After you convert audio to video, you could use Leowo DVD creator to import the converted video and burn it to ISO.

Step 1: Download Leowo DVD Creator.

First download the app on your computer, then install it on your computer. Please double check before you download the Mac or Windows version to avoid compatibility.

Step 2: Add video to Leowo DVD Creator

Tap “Add Video” button on the top left corner of Leowo DVD Creator. Then choose the needed video.

convert audio cd to iso

Step 3: Make 2D DVD to 3D features

After loaded converted video file, tap “Edit” icon. Tap it, then you will be able to customize output DVD.

Step 4: Set or DIY disc menu (free)

With 40+ stunning DVD menu templates, you can take advantage of menu templates to build more glorious DVD. You can choose preset templates or DIY templates by yourself. Just do as you wish. What’s more, after option, you can preview them instantly. Just click “No Menu” if you don’t need to set this up.

convert audio cd to iso

Step 5: Custom DVD settings

After the menu is set, locate “Burn” . Under “Burn to” region, select ISO File, then set up Disc label and pathway to preserve the converted file.

convert audio cd to iso

Step 6: Convert imported video to ISO file

Locate “Burn” button on the prompted interface and start burning. It should be finished soon.

Part 3. Other Tools to Extract Audio from CD

Freemake video converter

This app supports to import audio directly and then burn it to ISO. It can help you to convert video between 500+ formats for free. How fascinate.

convert audio cd to iso

Format Factory

Format Factory is a software that supports to import CD directly and then burn it to ISO. With intuitive interface, this program makes the conversion process easy to customer of all experience levels.

convert audio cd to iso

Part 4. Conclusion

If you need to convert audio CD to ISO, there are a lot of ways. Among these method, after convert audio CD to video and convert video to ISO using Leowo DVD creator would be the efficient way.