A lot of people would find it uncomfortable to stare at the screen of their iPhones in the dark as most parts of iOS’s UI are filled with white elements, which could be a strain to our eyes in a dark environment. A lot of apps, especially news apps will offer a dark mode to invert the color of the background for readers to read more comfortably at night with lights out. But when you switch from the app to the system, the visual difference could make your eyes very uncomfortable. Apple’s been working on a dark mode on iOS for years, first on iOS 7, we can find a dark keyboard. And later you can find greyscale mode in iOS 8, Night Shift in iOS 9. And now in iOS 11, Apple added a feature that allows you to invert the color of content showing on your iPhone’s screen. This is essentially the dark mode a lot of users have been expecting. Check out the content below to see how to use the new black mode in iOS 11.

How to Activate the iOS 11 Dark Mode

Apple added the option for you to invert colors in iOS 11, it’s basically the dark mode iOS 11 users have been waiting for. Here’s how to activate the iOS 11 dark mode.

Go to Settings>Accessibility>Display Accommodations>Invert Colors, And then you will see two options on this page.

iOS 11 Dark Mode

  • Smart Invert, as its name suggests, is more intelligent while inverting colors on your screen. It won’t invert the colors of the images, videos you are viewing on your screen and apps that already have dark color applied.
  • Classic Invert is more straightforward. It will invert your entire screen. No matter what’s showing on your screen, it will invert the color of it.

iOS 11 Dark Mode

As we can see, Smart Invert is obviously the better option here as it won’t be an interruption when we need to open a photo or video during usage at night. Actually you might not be able to notice much difference between these two modes as most of the time, they basically offer the same effect on your screen. But when it comes to photos and videos, you would find Smart Invert to be much more useful.

This is one of the new features you can find on iOS 11 and it’s one that you should find helpful at times. This iOS 11 dark mode would

Other New Features in iOS 11

If you just got your iPhone or other iOS devices updated to iOS 11, then you might have a lot to catch up even if you’ve been using iOS for a while because Apple’s added a lot of new features in it.

Here are several obvious changes in iOS 11:

1. A new Control Center.

On iOS 11, Apple gave us a new Control Center that takes up the whole screen when it pops up from the bottom of your screen. The new control center added a lot more shortcuts to certain features and you are even allowed to customize it as you like.

iOS 11 Control Center

2. A built-in screen recorder

The new iOS 11 also threw in a built-in screen recorder that would allow you to record your screen without jailbreaking your device first. But you should know that not all apps allow screen recording. When using those apps which don’t allow screen recording, the screen recorder just won’t work. But most of the time you should be able to use it with ease.

iOS 11 screen recorder

3. A new voice for Siri

If you used to use Siri a lot, you should notice that the voice of Siri on iOS 11 is different. Now in iOS 11, Siri has a new and more natural voice. And that’s not the only change you will get. Apple also claim that it’s much more intelligent ever. Now you can use Siri to translate English into many different languages. It’s not technically a new thing to smartphones but it’s still a useful feature for certain people.

iOS 11 Siri

The above mentioned iOS 11 night mode is not the only thing you would find helpful in iOS 11.If you want to have a more firm grasp on the skills of iOS 11, check out our tutorials on using several features in iOS 11.