The default Apple Mail app is one of the most commonly used apps on the iPhone. And Apple has always tired its best to make its e-mail application smarter and simpler. After opening your new iPhone or upgrading your current iPhone, you may notice iOS 11 mail app is packed with improvements. While the iOS 11 mail change might be a bit confusing at first, I think it is still a wise move. Here are several changes in the iOS 11 Mail app that you may not know.

Several Changes in the iOS 11 Mail App

The iOS Mail app saw a lot of changes in iOS 10 and a few interesting changes in iOS 11.Check below to find out more.

You don’t have to type your email in iOS 11 mail.

If you get tired of typing in iOS 11 mail app, you can try the Speak sentence and the Insert Drawing feature. While drafting a new e-mail, you can double tap the email window and then select the new Speak sentence feature to complete your e-mail. Sometimes, drawing can express our idea better. To optimize the feature, you can double tap on the e-mail draft, select Insert Drawing, then it will open up a window for you to draw out your idea.

iOS 11 Mail App Changes

iOS 11 Mail Account Setup

The Apple Accounts setting has currently been moved out from Mail Settings. To review e-mail accounts in iPhone email 11, just simply head to Settings > Accounts and Password. To add email account iOS 11 users should know about this change and use the new shortcut.

iOS 11 Mail App Changes

Select and print e-mails from your iPhone

With iOS 11 mail, we can select a certain section of the content instead of printing all the emails, newsletters or WebPages. We can use the Range feature to manually choose the pages by swiping and selecting. Finally, tap on Print at the top of your screen from your email.

iOS 11 Mail App Changes

Several alternatives to the default mail app in iOS 11

Though iOS 11 mail app has improved a lot recently, someone may prefer to change it. Therefore, we would like introduce you several alternatives to the default mail app in iOS 11.


More and more people use Gmail as work and personal email. And it has improved a lot in recent years. What is more, the Gmail app built for iPhone works pretty well. It works pretty quickly through your inbox, digging into your email archives and manage your archiving, labeling and spam reporting. With Gmail, you can get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, which saves you time and keeps your messages safe.

iOS 11 Mail App Alternatives

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook prioritizes your most important email into a Focused Inbox and saves everything else so you can see it when you’re ready. Besides, Microsoft Outlook allows you to easily access all of your emails, calendars, and files. With the use of swipe gestures, you can carry out the task comfortably.

iOS 11 Mail App Alternatives


As one of the most excellent email apps, Spark is extremely fast and allows you to manage your emails with utmost ease. Developed by Readdle, Spark understands productivity in a way few other email apps do, giving a sense of clarity to your inbox even before you start jettisoning emails to the future or the trash. You can navigate between individual messages by swiping left or right, a small time-saver that makes a big difference when churning through a crowded inbox.

iOS 11 Mail App Alternatives

How to Recover Deleted Attached Photos in the Mail App

Some emails might contain important files and if you got that file deleted by mistake, it could cause serious consequences. One of the most common attachments in emails is photos and unlike files like a compress file, it’s one type of file that you can open and check on iPhone. If you got an important photo deleted from your iPhone, here’s how to get it back with a third-party data recovery program: Leawo iOS Data Recovery. This data retrieval program can directly recover your deleted photo from your iPhone without needing a backup.


1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer and then launch Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer. You will find 3 options when you first open the program. Select the first option from the left: Recover from iOS Device.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

2. If the program recognizes your iPhone successfully, you would find the picture of your device in the center of the interface and a Start button below the picture. Click on the Start button to initiate the scanning process.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

3. Wait until the scanning and analyzing process is finished and the program will show you the data it found on your iPhone, including those files you deleted. To help you find the deleted photo more quickly, enable the Only Display the Deleted Items option found at the bottom of the left column. And then click on Camera Roll to find the photo you deleted. Select it and then click on the Recover button below the file list.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

4. When a popup appears, click on the Open button on it to select a folder on your computer to temporarily store the photo you are recovering. And then to start recovering your photo from your iPhone, click on the Go button below.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

In this article, we have explore some of the changes that have been added to the iOS 11 mail app and introduce several alternatives to the default mail app in iOS 11. I think you’ll agree that this is one change that’s definitely for the better.