Leawo Blu-ray Copy Getting Started

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a one-click Blu-ray copy software to backup Blu-ray/DVD to a blank disc, duplicate Blu-ray/DVD to a folder or copy Blu-ray/DVD to ISO image file without quality loss. It supports 1:1 disc to disc duplication, compresses BD50 to BD25 and DVD-9 to DVD-5, and copies 3D Blu-ray. It even supports to remove the latest disc copy protections and make Blu-ray/DVD discs region-free effectively.

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is available on both trail and registered versions. The trail version only copies several titles of your Blu-ray/DVD.

Top Menu Introduction

Click top-menu-button button on program upper right to open its drop-down list, then you can do settings as follows.


1. Click settings-button option, then you can do settings about program itself on the pop-up menu.

Under General section, you can freely set Work space, Delete temporary files, Shut down computer automatically after Blu-ray/DVD copy, and choose to check program Update out of Auto update, Manual update and Update every 7 days.


Under Connection section, you can check User Proxy option and then do proxy settings including Host, Port, Proxy type, Username and Password. You can try to Get IE proxy if needed.


Under Advance section, you can set Default video model out of PAL and NTSC; choose Source region code from provided options; and select Burn Engine out of StarBurn and Cdrtools.


2. Click blu-ray-copy-lauguage-button option to select desired program interface language. There are 10 languages in total for freely choice: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

3. Click blu-ray-copy-registration-button option to activate the Blu-ray Copy program with registration code.

4. Click blu-ray-copy-buy-button option to visit the purchase page of Leawo Blu-ray Copy.

5. Click blu-ray-copy-online-guide-button option to visit Leawo Blu-ray Copy User Guide.

6. Click blu-ray-copy-support-forum-button option to visit Leawo’s support center.

7. Click blu-ray-copy-bug-reporter-button option to send all bugs of Leawo Blu-ray Copy to Leawo.

8. Click blu-ray-copy-update-button option to find the newest version of Leawo Blu-ray Copy.

9. Click blu-ray-copy-about-button option to get the current version information of Leawo Blu-ray Copy.

10. Click blu-ray-copy-exist-button option to exist Leawo Blu-ray Copy program.

Copy and Backup Blu-ray/DVD

1. Load Blu-ray/DVD Sources

Click source-button drop-down button to load Blu-ray/DVD movies to program list for backup. It supports to import Blu-ray/DVD disc, file folder, ISO image file and 3D Blu-ray.


2. Set Output Target

Click target-button drop-down button to choose output type from program provided options including Blu-ray/DVD disc, Blu-ray/DVD folder and Image File. If you choose to copy Blu-ray/DVD to file folder or ISO image file, the program will meanwhile lead you to set the saving destination on your computer hard drive.

Tips: you can choose Blu-ray/DVD disc as the output type only while your computer includes an extra Blu-ray/DVD drive and you have inserted a blank disc into the drive.


3. Do Essential Settings

Right here you can select needed disc-type-button from provided options; pick up needed copy-mode-button from Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode; manually input your desired disc-label-button ; and check output file needed storage space under disc-size-button bar.


Once you choose Main Movie or Custom Mode copy mode, you can click more-info-button button to preview source files, choose desired subtitle and audio track for output.

After you choose one Blu-ray/DVD title on the pop-up menu, you can click play-button button to preview it. You can also click pause-button button to pause the preview, and click stop-button button to stop the preview. The desired audio tracks and subtitles selection can be achieved on the drop-down boxes of audio-selection-button and subtitle-selection-button.


4. Start the Blu-ray/DVD Copy

Click start-button bottom-right big button  to start to copy Blu-ray/DVD to Blu-ray/DVD disc, file folder or ISO Image file. The full copying process is displayed on program main interface.


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