First Prize: $50 (1 Winner)

Winner Name: ralyons@**** (Rich)

Review Content:

Very crisp display on several blu ray discs viewed. No playback trouble; once the disc finished buffering the movie was smooth and there were no loading noises, even on a laptop bd drive.

My one wish is for better mouse support. To navigate the blu ray menus I had to reach for the keyboard. It will be good if future update will include using the mouse to use the movie's menu. I will also appreciate a "menu" button in the player interface for a fast way to skip previews, etc., and I would like a default for the program to auto launch and play when a dvd or blue ray disc is inserted.

But this is a software with beautiful playback and a lot of potential to transform your PC or Home Theatre PC into your complete blu ray potential at a very reasonable price range.

Second Prize: $30 (2 Winners)

Winner 1 Name: zar@**** (Z)

Review Content:

I literally spent two whole days trying EVERY Blu-ray player I could find on a Google search (including PowerDVD and Arcsoft Total Media Theater). With the exception of PowerDVD, not one of them could play a Blu-ray disc without audio or video problems. Some would not even attempt to load a Blu-ray disc.

Most of the players mentioned work decently on DVDs, but attempt to play a Blu-ray and that's where everything "goes South." I was about to give up when I found the Leawo Player, tried it and was surprised; it works and it works smoothly. Preference settings allow a decent amount of control. The only feature I wish it had that it apparently does not have is the ability to take snapshot pictures of a movie frame. I have used it now for about a day; so far, it is far better than anything I've tried over the last three days.

Winner 2 Name: ron.bush@**** (Ron Bush)

Review Content:

Finally! An application that will allow me to watch the many Blu-ray discs that I have bought for my TV on my Mac! I picked up a blu-ray player off Amazon for cheap (about $40) that attaches via USB to my Mac. I don't have a drive for ANY disks, so a Blu-ray drive giving me access to Blu-ray, DVD and CDs was crucial.

I didn't really know that Blu-rays were not Mac compatible formats, so I began to look to see if a program existed out there to allow me to use this feature on the drive. Along came Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac. This thing works flawlessly!

I'm pretty technically savvy so I figured if I needed to find a way to watch disks I could, but this application makes is so easy even a novice could use it in minutes. I popped a blu-ray movie in after I loaded the app, it appeared in the window and I clicked play and away it went!

Most movies/shows work.... however I am having some decoding issues with certain movies, including Despicable Me 2. It never really loads past me clicking play and crashes everytime.

Hopefully future compatibility with more mainstream formats will be adopted. Right now I need to use other methods to watch some mass market disks.

Third Prize: $20 (3 Winners)

Winner 1 Name: websitecollaborative@**** (Jay)

Review Content:

I've just installed & tested my Leawo Blu-ray Player, and after 2 previous free players, Leawo goes above & beyond as an easy to use and understand application for those new to Blu-ray but also advanced enough for experienced users and enthusiasts! I recommend anyone requiring a Blu-ray Player to seriously consider the Leawo application. An excellent GUI and easy to learn system. A+

Winner 2 Name: n4n@**** (decimer)

Review Content:

Pretty stable, works with menu, not always open iso file, but disc or BDMV without a glitch. A lot of functions automated (deinterlacing is ++), plays other types of files.

I personally like the interface. At full retail is pricy, I recommend around $15. Then it actually be sold in quantities.

Winner 3 Name: hovsep.avedis@**** (ha14)

Review Content:

Nice looking Leawo Blu-ray Player, when playing Bluray disk it takes 3-4% CPU and around 160MB of RAM and was 75MB and 2%CPU for DVD playback. Bluray loading takes arround 5sec. Tried to play a bluray folder and ISO file but was not possible, also drag and drop files is not supported which means navigation is necessary. Nice Feature Attempt to Skip Introduction before DVD/BD Menu which didnt worked at least on my pc. Couldn't use my logitech mice G700 with bluray disk so had to navigate via keyboard arrow but the mouse worked with DVD disk, tried to modify subtitle color also failed, changing subtitle position with mouse or through settings option failed. Changing the player background color works great wish that there were more skins or ability to use custom ones. There is Power Manager option important for laptop users with warning.

Leawo Blu-ray Player rich, vibrant colours that bring out the depth of bluray pictures with my Asus GTX 670 Direct CPU II and Liyama ProLite display monitor. Playlist can be arranged on the right side of the player but cant be saved to load it next time. Overal Promising Bluray Player.

Thanks for all the reviewers, your reviews are definitely very helpful for our future improvements. Please make sure to keep following Leawo Software for more amazing campaigns.

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